Duwong Sano (デウォン佐野; Duwon Sano) is a pirate from South Blue. He is captain of the Holy Ring Pirates, and is one of the eleven pirates who have referred to as the "Big Time Rookies" on Sabaody Archipelago whose's bounty is over Bsymbol10 100,000,000. His epithet is "Trickster Monk" and has the second highest bounty, below Jonathan D. Swift at Bsymbol10290,000,000.

Appearance Edit

Sano's outfit donned in traditional Japanese clothes: he wears a light kimono, with the collar and the sleeves adorned by a dark motif consisting of many squares placed in succession, linked together by a dark line and similarly flanked by two more lines, striped, traditional hakama and geta sandals paired with light tabi. He also sports a dark mantle draped over his shoulders.

There have been some inconsistencies with Sano's current outfit, with him being initially shown wearing a plain one, then sporting the geometrical motifs on the sleeves which he didn't initially have; in addition, his mantle lost the strips which adorned its edges during its first appearances. Sano is sometimes shown resting his arms in the loose sleeves of his kimono.

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Devil Fruit Edit

Main Article: Pasa Pasa no Mi (UH)

Sano ate the Pasa Pasa no Mi, a Logia-Type Devil Fruit that allows him to change into pieces of paper to strike and evade attacks. He is also able to turn paper into weapons, through means of Busoshoku Haki, which makes the paper turn hard and shiny, as if it were metal.

Shinsei na Staff Edit

Sano's Shinsei na Staff is, to him, considered the holiest object within his profession. The Shinsei na Staff is made of an unknown wood that is "only as strong as the user's will" and can "become stronger as the user does" though, it currently unaware how strong it is, it was however able to deflect a blast from Borsalino with a little less then a few slight burns.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Though claimed to be a Haki Master, he has yet to display any other forms of Haki. Having fully mastered Busoshoku Haki through years of training, he is able to use this, combined with his Devil Fruit, to create paper weapons such as swords, and spears, as well as create defensive barriers like shields or complete walls. Through, it becomes very obvisious when in use, as everything with his Busoshoku Haki becomes hard and shiny, as if it were metal.

History Edit

Before being a Big Time RookieEdit

The Trickster Monk started his career by tricking marines into hiring him to perform last rites, during the ceremonies he would sneak into the base and rob them blind, often stealing hundreds of thousands of beli in profit.

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