The Straw HatsTrafalgar Law, and Kin'emon, having formed an alliance, travel to Dressrosa as part of their plan. Dressrosa is the second island the Straw Hats encounter in the New World, and is ruled by the Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo.The Dressrosa Arc is the twenty-seventh story arc in the series and the second in the Pirate Alliance Saga of One Piece, continuing from the Punk Hazard Arc.

Dressrosa Arc
Volumes: 70-
Manga Chapters: 700-
Anime Episodes: 629-
Year(s) Released: 2013- (Manga),
2014- (Anime)
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Fury of the Shichibukai: Donquixote Doflamingo Makes His MoveEditEdit

As the news of Doflamingo's resigning and the pirate alliances spreads, chaos ensues. In war zones, armies are desperate to get in contact with the former Shichibukai in order to get new supplies of weapons, while pirates everywhere start panicking about the alliances reported by Absa. Meanwhile, Doflamingo receives the promised call from Law, with some of the Straw Hats on the other end seemingly surprised that the Shichibukai actually picked it up. Luffy returns Doflamingo's greeting by shouting his declaration to be Pirate King, followed by angrily threatening the king that he is willing to return Caesar, but if he finds they were repeating the same actions as they did on Punk Hazard, he was going to beat the Shichibukai up. Doflamingo simply chuckles, and asks where Luffy has been (with the young pirate stating it was a secret) and then states that he wanted to meet the Straw Hat, claiming that he has something that Luffy would do anything to get. As Luffy starts envisioning meat, Usopp drags his Captain away from the Den Den Mushi, with Law picking up the receiver to start negotiations. After Doflamingo made sure that Caesar was all right, Law tells his old boss the time and place of the pick up. Luffy then abruptly hangs up on the Shichibukai before he got caught up in Doflamingo's pace again.[1]

Sanji then starts asking if it would not have been better for them to limit the forces present for the pick up, but Law refutes this, stating that their real goal was to find the hidden SMILE factory and destroy it. Luffy starts getting excited about this latest adventure, and then his next in which he plans on going to the Wano Country. However for now, they decided to have breakfast, during which Kin'emon briefly explains the events leading to him and Momonosuke ending up on Punk Hazard.[1]

When Law hears that the samurai were heading to Zo, he states that he was also planning on heading there after destroying the factory to join his crew. When Kin'emon finished telling his tale, Franky, Chopper and Luffy then get carried away, saying that they will help the samurai's friend,Kanjuro as well, much to Law's annoyance. At the new Marines HQ, a debriefing was taking place, held by Commodore Brannew, about Doflamingo's abdication and Law's alliance, while mentioning the new Shichibukai, Buggy. In response to this, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki states he sent Fujitora to investigate.[1]

At Dressrosa, Baby 5 goes looking for Trébol, who suddenly appears in front of her. Baby 5 then tells him that Doflamingo is looking for him, and to bring 'that' with him. After Trébol teases her about her captain's constant execution of all her previous boyfriends, he then goes to meet the former Shichibukai. While there, it is then revealed that the object requested by Doflamingo was in fact the Mera Mera no MiAce's Devil Fruit prior to his death which is then entrusted by Doflamingo to another of his subordinates Diamante, while commenting that Luffy will come running to him because he would not want anyone else to have it.[1]

Elsewhere, the Straw Hats soon sight Dressrosa.[1]

Arrival At Dressrosa: Adventure in the Country of Love, Passion, and ToysEditEdit

The crew land on the island and disembark. Luffy tries to get Momonosuke to fly so they can find the factories but Momo can not recall how he did it the first time, as well as telling Luffy his father forbade him from entering the island. Luffy gets into a fight with Momonosuke over this until Kin'emon calms him down. He then shows the crew the outfit they will need to disguise themselves with. Law hands Nami a Vivre Card for Zo in case something happens and lays out his plan. The group delivering Caesar (Law, Usopp and Robin) will cross Dressrosa to Green Bit to drop him off while some of the crew (Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke) will watch after the ship. However before he goes on further he notices Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky and Kin'emon (the Factory Destroying Team) have suddenly vanished.[2]

They are revealed to have wandered into the city taking in the sights and sounds of Dressrosa. They see living toys walk among the human occupants, surprising them. When they see someone getting stabbed, Zoro asks about this to a toy soldier, to which they find out it is a daily occurrence. If a man cheats on a woman, the woman will stab him, and the more beautiful the woman is, the higher the number of stabs the man will receive.[2]

The group decide to grab something to eat and, after disguising themselves as old men, stop at a bar. Though Sanji can not help but notice that the island is not in much of a panic after hearing the news of their king, Doflamingo, giving up his throne. Their food is served where the waiter, at Sanji's query about the Fairy Pumpkin Gazpaco, mentions a legend about fairies that is shrouded in myth. As they eat, they overhear some ruckus at a nearby roulette table where a blind man is trying his luck. He guesses correctly which color the ball will land on, but the dealer and his cohorts constantly lie and swindle his money. The blind man tries one more time and once more guesses correctly. Just as the dealer is about to say the opposite however, Luffy comes over and announces that the man had won. The man states his gratitude to Luffy for revealing the truth. But the dealers become angry and attempt to attack Luffy.[2]

However the blind man tells Luffy to step back and he unsheathes his sword. Pressure suddenly pushes down on the dealers until the floor collapses underneath them into a gigantic hole sending them plummeting into the abyss below. As Luffy and his group marvel at the man's strength, he remarks being blind has its privileges of never looking at the world's filth.[2]

Everyone stands in awe after the blind man's display of power, the crew realizes that he must definitely have some Devil Fruit ability and Luffy immediately asks outright what exactly he is. The blind man answers that for both their sakes it would be unwise to reveal who he is. Immediately after the old man leaves, all the people in the bar start exclaiming over missing possessions, among which is Zoro's Shusui - The Treasure of Wano. A toy informs them that it is definitely the work of the Fairies and there is nothing to be done about it, besides laughing and forgetting about it.[3]

However Kin'emon and Zoro decide that they are not going to give up on it so easily. Zoro catches a glimpse of Shusui being carted away and quickly chases after the thief with Kin'emon not far behind. Sanji likewise follows because he does not trust Zoro to be running around on his own. Luffy starts to follows because he feels it would be fun but is stopped by Franky who has a better plan.[3]

Upon hearing what the prize is, Luffy is left shocked. After hearing how a Devil Fruit's reproduction works from the thug, Luffy declares he will not let just anyone have Ace's power. Franky quickly deduces it might be a trap but encourages Luffy to claim the fruit anyway, to which Luffy agrees and the two head for the Colosseum while the thug calls them fools because no one who just wants the fruit would risk their lives for it. Meanwhile Zoro continues his chase for the Shusui thief but gets lost (having also lost Kin'emon in the process). Sanji catches up to him but gets distracted by a dancer named Violet, which causes him to lose Zoro the moment he takes his eyes off him. Violet suddenly approaches him and, after feigning kissing him to avoid cops chasing her, she asks Sanji for his help in protecting her and finding a certain man so she can kill him.[4]Franky and Luffy apprehend one of the dealers that was defeated by the mysterious blind man and drag him into a alley for interrogation, with Franky correctly guessing he works for Doflamingo. He does not seem to know anything about the Smile Factory, but says that his superiors are at the Corrida Colosseum, where a big event is taking place and an amazing prize is going to be given to the winner. Meanwhile at the Corrida Colosseum, the Donquixote Family is introduced as the leading champions of the event: Senor PinkDellingerLao GMachvise and the current hero Diamante. The blind man is also shown to be among the audience at the Corrida Colosseum and the prize is the Mera Mera no Mi, which grants a person the powers that Ace had.[3].

Back with Luffy and Franky, the pair reach the Colosseum but are halted by a commotion of a one legged toy solder who has cops chasing him. However he reaches the Colosseum and states neither cops nor Marines can pass beyond there as it a law of the Doflamingo Family, even if they are chasing criminals. The cops grudgingly break off their chase while the toy solder greets and talks a bit with Luffy and Franky. Eventually Luffy goes to sign in, but to keep his cover safe enters under the name "Lucy" (mostly due to Franky stopping him from putting in his real name). He is escorted into the waiting room where many rough looking participants are waiting their turn to fight.[4]

Some of the fighters start mocking Luffy due to his disguise and feeble appearance. One such, Spartan, even takes offense to him being there and demands that he leave. He attacks Luffy, who easily dodges his attack, grabs his arm and slams him into ground, which shocks all the other combatants, Luffy then greets them.[4]

Corrida Colosseum: The Battle for Mera Mera no Mi BeginsEditEdit

One of the Colosseum staff was about to disqualify Luffy. Luckily, the Chinjao Family stepped in and spoke on Luffy's behalf, saying that Spartan was the one who started the fight. After thanking the Chinjao Family for saving him from disqualification, Luffy learned that he has been assigned to Block C. Once he went to the battle preparation room, Luffy got very excited seeing all the armor and decided to put some on to make himself look cooler. While learning about the Colosseum's weight restriction on protective gear, Luffy was greeted by Cavendish, captain of the Beautiful Pirates.[5]

Luffy accidentally tells him his own name, but the other contestants thought he was mispronouncing his alias "Lucy". Some of the contestants spoke amongst each other how fearsome Luffy must be, and that the real Luffy was 8 meters tall. Cavendish warned "Lucy" that if he was Luffy, he would have killed him. After asking why, Cavendish then proceeds to tell Luffy his back story, such as how he came to resent the eleven Supernovas for stealing his popularity, but Luffy ignores him during the middle of the conversation.[5]

He then sees a bronze statue of an old gladiator named Kyros. While admiring the statue, he meets a female gladiator named Rebecca. Upon noticing his admiration of the statue, she tells him about his legendary status. After telling Luffy about the statue, two other fighters began teasing her about how she must be happy thatSpartan was already eliminated. When Luffy asked what they meant, Rebecca told him not to mind them, though she was noticeably bothered by what they said. After this, she declared that she will win the Mera Mera no Mi and defeat Donquixote Doflamingo, much to Luffy's surprise. She then asked Luffy which block he was assigned to and was happy to learn they are in different blocks. As she walks off, she tells Luffy that it would be nice if they both survived the first round.[5]

As Burgess is being cheered on by the crowd, Franky is shown in the crowd wondering if Luffy will be able to pull a successful win with such a strong opponent. Franky then decides he needs to leave, so he can go do his job of destroying the SAD factory, but he ends up having a tag along in the form of the Thunderous Wrath Soldier. The soldier tells him he wants to come along, and they should talk somewhere else about things like that.[6]After Luffy and Rebecca finish their conversation, the winner of Block A is announced to be a mysterious fighter with a paper bag over his head who defeated all the fighters in a battle royale match. He then pulls off his mask, revealing himself to the audience as Jesus Burgess, Luffy is shocked over the revelation.[5]

Meanwhile, behind some bleachers in the Colosseum, a Marine officer is receiving a transmission from Vice Admiral Maynard, who is undercover as "Capman" in the Colosseum. Maynard tells him all the big names that are participating in the competition from the dressing room, but is walked in on by Gambia, a member of theBarto Club. Gambia recognizes the vice admiral, but Maynard brutally beats him, and puts him in the trash room before he could say anything.[6]

At a Northeastern cafe, the Caesar Return Team is having some tea near the Green Bit bridge, while getting information about Green Bit. They learn from the shopkeeper that there are fighting fish around Green Bit that are strong enough to flip ships. Their discussions are interrupted by a mysterious sight of the government agency CP-0.[6]Back in the crowd, the blind man decides it is his time to leave, and did so with his subordinate. He is then revealed to be the new Admiral, Fujitora, and is shown to be planning on sending three battleships to Dressrosa. He tells his subordinate that they need to worry about who to protect, rather than who they need to arrest. He also says that they would head to Green Bit.[6]

Elsewhere, Zoro is being dragged across a rooftop, while gripping his sword. Zoro flies off the roof, and onto the ground as something drops on him. A mysterious voice then says that they should not been seen by humans.[6]

Kin'emon, who has gotten lost elsewhere, is surrounded by a group of Doflamingo's agents who recognize him by his top-knot. The people tell him to keep quiet if he cares about Kanjuro's life.[6]

While Kin'emon deals with those agents, Sanji fights off similar agents, who attempt to snipe him from above, but are defeated with a swift kick. Sanji then expresses his love for Violet, with a large smile.[6]

Back on the Sunny, Chopper, Nami and Momonosuke are playing Shogun with Chopper as a vassal, Nami as a court lady, and Momonosuke as the shogun. Brook then sings a song for Momonosuke, after Chopper tells him that when Momonosuke is left alone he begins to get sad, as if he has had something very bad happen to him. Suddenly, a noise is heard from within the Sunny, which frightens everyone on board.[6]

In the Colosseum, Bartolomeo is called out to compete in the B Block, as a beaten up Maynard is seen behind him.[6] The B Block is about to begin, but one contestant is missing. The missing contestant, Bellamy, comes up behind Luffy and tells him he has seen through his disguise. Bellamy then explains that he does not want revenge, and says he actually went to Skypiea. Bellamy apparently took gold from the Skypieans, and gave it to Doflamingo as an offering. Doflamingo accepted him back into his crew, and Bellamy has changed his ways.Bellamy says he will not laugh at Luffy anymore, and walks into the block.[7]

As Block B starts, Cavendish asks Luffy what block he is assigned to. It is then revealed that the major fighters in C Block are Lucy, Jean AngoSaiBooHajrudinIdeoFighting BullDon ChinjaoKelly Funk, and Bobby Funk. The fighters in Block D include Cavendish, MeadowsMummy, Rebecca, Rolling LoganFighting Lion,DamaskAcilia, and Suleiman.[7]

[Spring_Death_Knock.png ]B Block officially starts, and the fighters seen are Bellamy, Bartolomeo,DagamaElizabello IIBlue GillyHackRickyTank LepantoAbdullah and Jeet. Bellamy is thinking about where to begin, when he is tag teamed by Dagama, Tank Lepanto, Elizabello II and other fighters. Dagama states that they must get rid of the troublesome ones before being taken out.[8]

In another section, a mysterious fighter only known as Ricky is catching most of the gladiators' attention. Two of them try their luck against him but he dodges their attack easily, gets behind them and knocks them out. As all this goes on, the audience notice that none of the gladiators have touched Bartolomeo who lays on the side of the ring observing the battle.[8]As the B Block gets into full swing, the crowds start calling foul for the team up but the announcer states it is within the rules as Dagama has his men defend Elizabello, who has the power to crush his enemies or make walls with one punch though the only drawback is that it takes an hour for him to his power. Elizabello currently is up to strength and waiting on Dagama to give the word. Lepanto meanwhile focuses on fighting Bellamy, stating he is just fighting for the money. Bellamy avoid his attack while a few others are knocked into the ocean outside the ring, which not only disqualifies them but puts them in danger of the "School of Little Fighting Fish". Jeet and Abdullah take out a bunch of warriors easily while another taunts against a karate fishman, Hack, who quickly knocks him aside. Dagama's troops suddenly run into trouble against another fighter - a martial artist of the Long Leg Tribe, Blue Gilly, whose Jao Kun Do fighting style is knocking them away like rag dolls.[8]

Meanwhile up in the stands, Luffy and Cavendish are watching the battle with the latter still harping on about "The Worst Generation" Supernova and how he needs to get new bounty posters for them. Cavendish state he has a feeling most of them have come to the Colosseum and disguised himself but he is willing to wait for the roster to thin. Suddenly Don Chinjao comes up to the two and ask Luffy how Garp is doing. Luffy asks if he knows his grandfather, before realizing his cover has been exposed. As Cavendish reels from shock, Chinjao states Garp almost killed him back in the past and he intends to exact his revenge by killing Luffy.[8]

Chinjao gets up in a berserk state, but before he is about to attack again, he is held back by Boo and Sai. His grandchildren states that Luffy is in Block C with them, and if Chinjao continues to cause a ruckus, they might get kicked out before they complete their true objective. Cavendish, however, is willing to get eliminated from the tournament, if it means to kill Luffy, but the Straw Hat is nowhere to be found. As the White Horse goes looking for Luffy and the crowd disperses with murmurs of Straw Hat, no one realized that the man in question was hanging outside the wall on the window sill.[9]Chinjao says he wished he knew about Garp's son, Dragon earlier, then Luffy would have never been born, and with that, suddenly attacks the young Straw Hat with a mighty head butt. Cavendish, claiming that Luffy is his prey, counters Chinjao's head butt with his MeitoDurandal. The clash is a draw, with Cavendish stopping the attack, but being unable to pierce his opponent's head. As their skirmish starts drawing attention, a witness states that Chinjao had a bounty of over 500,000,000 in the Golden Age, and once split a frozen continent with his head. As Chinjao continues his assault, Luffy tries to end the fight with a blow to Chinjao's head, smashing the ex-pirates head into the ground.[9]

Back in B Block, Tank Lepanto is defeated by Abdullah and Jeet, who are in turn beaten by Bellamy. Meanwhile, Bartolomeo is urinating off the side of the ring. Hack, who has gained fans from the crowd, attempts to punch Bartolomeo, but his fist is blocked and broken by some sort of invisible wall, apparently made by the rookie.[9]

Bartolomeo follows up his attack and knocks out Dan, eliminating him. With his defeat, only 24 people are left in the ring. Bluegilly takes out Ricky who laments he can not win against old age and curses Doflamingo. The warriors under Dagama's command comment on the effective strategy of his and state they plan to fight amongst themselves once they knock out everyone else. Blue Gilly suddenly attacks them, breaking their formation. When one of the gladiators asks how this could be, Dagama attack them from behind. Blue Gilly then reveals he and Dagama were in together the whole time. However once Dagama gets the chance, he tries to attack Bluegilly when his back is turned, only to be kicked and knocked out of the ring into the path of the one of the Fighting Fish. Bluegilly stating he never trusted Dagama from the start.[10]

Meanwhile Bellamy is fighting Bartolomeo and losing, wondering if Bartolomeo ate a Devil Fruit. Luffy shouts encouragement to him upon seeing this. The rest of the remaining warriors start to surround Elizabello, with Blue Gilly mocking him. However the king states the formation was to protect them. As the crowd wonders about Elizabello's power, they realize they might be in danger. They begin to get clear and Elizabello goes on the attack while the other warriors rush him. Bellamy manages to get hold of Bartolomeo with his powers and is about to retaliate when he notices Elizabello's power. Elizabello lets loose his King Punch, sending virtually all the remaining combatants flying out of the ring. When the dust settles, nearly everyone, including Bellamy and Bluegilly, are knocked out of the ring.[10]

For the moment it seems the king has won, however one fighter still stands: Bartolomeo. He reveals he made a barrier which protected him from the king's attack having eaten the Bari Bari no Mi. He uses the barrier to knock out the defenseless king, winning him the B-Block. As the crowds boos him, Bartolomeo states the Mera Mera no Mi must go to "that person".[10] Luffy starts to wonder who he is. Meanwhile inside one of the Colosseum's corridors, Franky is talking to the toy soldier who states he is also trying to destroy Doflamingo's factories and has people preparing to do so, but wishes to save his friends who are working within the factories first. He also states destroying the factory will bring the downfall of the country and if Franky is willing to fight against Doflamingo, he'll tell him everything about Dressrosa.[10]

Green Bit: The Exchange Meeting CommencesEditEdit

After the B-Block, the wounded are rounded up and taken for medical treatment. Although, Bellamy states he has not changed , Luffy disagrees. The defeated pirate senses the massive presence of Haki around the Straw Hat Captain, having felt it when Luffy called out to him. However he accidentally slips the word "Straw Hat" whichBartolomeo happens to overhear nearby.[11]

They manage to make their way halfway across the bridge when they see the bridge has been broken, preventing them from proceeding further. Another Fighting Fish jumps out to attack them but is suddenly caught in a net and harpooned by unseen assailants. Usopp calls out to them but they run away upon hearing him, much to the group's confusion. Law comes up with an idea to use Caesar's power to inflate his body like a hot air balloon, to carry them to the island which happens to be a densely lush tropical forest with a few shipwrecks along the shore thanks to the Fighting Fish. Upon arriving, they spot aMarine ship plowed into the forest and Robin notes from the surrounding damage to the environment that it was recent, meaning they are nearby. Law starts to wonder if Smoker sent them since he told him where they were going, back in Punk Hazard. Caesar demands Law to call the meeting off since Doflamingo is not a Shichibukaianymore and his protection of Caesar is gone, but Law retorts that it will not matter since the Marines will be after him too, thanks to his alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates. So they'll have to go on as planned albeit be on guard.[11]Meanwhile, the "Caesar Exchange Team" who have 45 minutes till their deadline, are trying to cross the bridge to reach Green Bit but a school ofFighting Fish instantly begin attacking them. Usopp and Robin manage to fight them back and ask for Law's aid, but he states his power drains his stamina and he needs it for the trip back. They are forced to free Caesarto help them cross the bridge. Law keeps him in check with Caesar's heart which he still has in his possession.[11]

15 minutes prior to the deadline, Usopp and Robin head into the forest to scout for any possible ambush, when they overhear Marines nearby calling out to someone. An unseen person asks if they are good or bad. When they answer that they are good, the person demands they lose their weapons. However, when the Marines refuse, something moves around them at lighting speed, taking their weapon and clothes. The Marines run off before Robin uses her ability to sprout hands through the forest catching the figure. Usopp asks what is it and Robin states that it is a dwarf.[11]

Robin then asks for an exit but they demand she leaves her weapons. Though she states she does not have any, they try to strip search her. However one of the dwarves stops them, claiming Robin is a companion of "that hero", who Robin realizes is none other than Usopp, and wonders what lie he had told them.[12]Usopp races over to see what she is talking about but the dwarves hit both with something called Anaesthetic Flower causing both to pass out. Sometime later Robin awakens to find herself tied to the ground by the dwarves and her body and belongings being searched for any weapons. Robin notices that they are in a miniature village underneath Green Bit called the Tontatta Kingdom, home of the Tontatta Tribe. One of the warriors, Leo, has a Devil Fruit that allows him to stitch people to the ground which he used to keep Robin in place, claiming that those who see the tribe can not leave. Robin apologizes for her earlier action and promises to keep their village a secret but Leo does not believe her. However the others in the tribe do and set Robin free. It is then that the chief, Gancho, arrives and greets Robin. However Robin checks her watch and realizes the exchange is about to take place. She tries to call Law but the dwarves have set her Den Den Mushi free.[12]

Back at the port city of AcaciaZoro is rushing through the city with someone trying to give him directions. This turns out to be a dwarf named Wicca who is part of a recon team. When Zoro fell after jumping after his sword, she revealed herself though twisting her leg in the fall. She reveals, along with being very strong though panicky, that she was trying to meet up with her team so they can warn the Straw Hats that Doflamingo has been keeping tabs on them since they reached the island and set to attack their ship. Zoro reveals he is part of the crew and Wicca demands he take her to the Flower Fields. Zoro was initially against it, wanting to help those on the ship but when he realized he was going in the wrong direction, he relented.[12]

Meanwhile the coliseum, the C-Block is announced to begin shortly. Rebecca is by a window watching some kids and toys play when she spots Franky and the Thunder Soldier passing by, likewise heading for the Flower Fields. She calls out to them, telling the Toy Solder that she intends to win the game so they can be together. The Solider brushes this off however and tells Franky to continue. Rebecca begins to cry at that which Franky notices and ask if it is okay. The Solider just claims that there are things that he wants to protect and even then he will not be able to cry from his brick eyes.[12]

Back at Green Bit and the Southeast Beach, two minutes remain till the exchange. Law and Caesar wait at the appointed area when Law gets a call from Sanji, warning him to get away from the island as he found out that Doflamingo did not give up his Shichibukai position and the whole thing is a trap! However it is too late; Doflamingo is already heading toward Law and Issho orders his troops to head to the beach as well.[12]

The reason Sanji knew about Doflamingo not really quitting the Shichibukai is revealed through flashback. Violet was actually an assassin for the Donquixote Family and had found out about him through her Giro Giro no Mi abilities eventually leading him into a trap. She, along with a group of thugs, defeated Sanji. Though this was more on Sanji's part as he refused to hit women, something Violet exploited. Violet then attempted to use her powers to see into Sanji's mind to discover Law and the Straw Hats plans, however all she saw was women. Sanji countered that he saw through Violet. While she may act callous, he knew her tears and her request to kill a certain main were genuine. Realizing Sanji's telling the truth, Violet turned around and attacked the thugs working for her before letting Sanji see into her memories. He learns that the CP0 were the ones who came up with the plan to fake Doflamingo's resignation, having order the citizens to go along as if nothing happened. Violet then let Sanji go so he could warn the others.[13]

In the present, Block C is starting. Cavendish is furious that Luffy got past him and into the match. While in the ring, Luffy prepares to battle the other gladiators.[13] As this goes on across the world, the newspapers have arrived correcting the information that Doflamingo is still a Shichibukai.[13]

Doflamingo asks Law to hand over Caesar, but Law refuses because the agreement was not fulfilled. Issho states that Caesar has protection because he is a subordinate of Doflamingo. Suddenly, Doflamingo calls out to Issho, revealing he was recruited to the Marines during something called "Global Military Enlistment". He also says that Issho and someone called "Green Bull" are two formidable opponents. Issho tells Doflamingo that he believes he is violating the boundaries as a Shichibukai, but Doflamingo says Issho needs more concrete evidence.[14]Back at Green Bit, Robin makes a copy of her upper body above ground to tell Law of their predicament, advising him to flee while he can. However Doflamingo along with Issho arrives, ready for the exchange. Law tells him he knows Doflamingo is still a Shichibukai and questions how he did it. Stating only a Celestial Dragon could have that kind of power. Law then realizes what Vergo's last words meant about Doflamingo's true nature. However Doflamingo simply replies that he now really wants to kill Law.[13]

The subject of the conversation changes over to Law. Issho says if Law is allied with Luffy, then Law will be considered hostile. But, if the Straw Hats are his subordinates, then Law and the Straw Hat Pirates will be spared. Law, wanting to buy time, states that Luffy and the Straw Hats are not his subordinates, and they have an alliance.[14]

Meanwhile, Franky and the Soldier are rolling through town on wheels coming from Franky's legs. Franky, who is talking to Sanji on the Den Den Mushi, says that they are headed toward the factory, but it might be a bigger job then they thought. Franky says he knows Doflamingo tricked them, and says that they can at least destroy his factory. Franky says he will meet Sanji at the Flower Fields.[14]Issho asserts this cannot be resolved by just revoking Law's title. Suddenly, he sends some sort of signal up into the air. This signal brings down a meteorite, which shocks Law and Doflamingo. Law creates a room, and cuts the meteorite in half. Doflamingo makes a net of strings, chopping the meteorite into square pieces. Issho simply causes them all to crash to the ground around him, leaving him unscathed. But, the remaining pieces of the rock, has caused the ground around them to be destroyed, leaving only the trios footholds.[14]

Sanji says he is unable to contact Nami, but Franky says not to worry, because Brook and Chopper will guard her. Sanji then sees a broadcast from the Colosseum, and hears the announcer talking about a "Mysterious Man Lucy." Sanji berates Franky for letting Luffy enter the tournament.[14]

Violet then tells Sanji that her underlings are approaching, and they really need to get out of there. Violet gives Sanji a map. She says the factory is actually disguised as a "toy house". Sanji says Violet could meet him and his crew at the western shoe, but Violet simply calls him a romantic fool. As Violet runs away, Kin'emon appears in front of Sanji, asking him to take out the men that were threatening Kin'emon earlier. After Sanji beats the guys, Kin'emon asks him to take him to the "toy house" because that is where there holding Kanjuro.[14]

Back in the underground of Green Bit, Usopp is telling a lie about how he is causing the shakes on the island with his haki, which he used to defeat 50000 fishmen on Fishman Island. The dwarves see Usopp as a hero, because he told the people that he is related to Montblanc Noland, and calling himself "Usoland".[14]

The dwarves explain that 400 years ago, Noland helped the dwarves by fighting off the "bad humans" who were ravaging the lands. Noland fought alongside the dwarves, in order to beat the humans. They then saw Noland as their hero. They state that it must be fate, because this is the same day that they are going to wage war with Doflamingo, and another hero has appeared before them. The dwarves plan to go to the flower fields, where the royal forces await their arrival, and want "Usoland" to lead the charge. Usopp, of course, is terrified on the inside.[14]

Lucy and the C-Block ContestEditEdit

Meanwhile, back with Nami's group, the Sunny is being attacked by one of the Doflamingo Family members,Jora, who has a Devil Fruit ability to turn anything in abstract art, including humans. Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke were all affected by this power and are forced to abandon ship by the soldier dock system. Jora demands they hand over Momonosuke, though they try to draw her attention to them to get her away from the ship. However she does not fall for it and uses her power on the Thousand Sunny, effectively trapping the Straw Hats on Dressrosa.[15]

Back at the Corrida Colosseum, some of the staff members are trying to help Ricky, noticing he has a serious wound on his head. However he refuses to take off his helmet or receive treatment from them. Rebecca notices the commotion and tries to convince him to be healed. However, Ricky just brushes her off and leaves, though it is shown that the two know each other as Ricky silently asks Rebecca to forgive him for his rudeness. In the Donquixote Family staff quarters, Diamante gives Bellamy orders from Dolfamingo to assassinate Luffy after the match, stating that Bellamy will be awarded an officer position if he succeeds. However Bellamy finds himself conflicted after hearing this due to Luffy and him now being on good terms. Meanwhile Bartolomeo goes to talk with Cavendish about Luffy, stating he has history with him.[15]

As Hajrudin lies unconscious on the ring floor, Luffy takes the bull to the edge of the ring to be out of harm's way as the other combatants duke it out. One of the gladiators goes to Hajrudin's body and knocks him out of the ring, the announcer identifying him as Ideo, a triple x boxer who states he wants more power and seeking the Mera Mera no Mi for that reason. In another section of the ring, Sai, noted to be the 13th Commander of the Happou Navy, manages to attack a gladiator through his shield and knocking him out via a strange kenpo technique. His brother, Boo, a Lieutenant Commander in said army, is likewise beating a few opponents. While their grandfather, the former commander of the army, Don Chinjao, uses his Conquer's Haki to knock out a large group of people. Meanwhile, Jean Ango or "Jean the Bandit" as he is known, scoops up weapons around the ring. One of the gladiators tries to attack him to avenge a friend he sent to prison. However Jean uses a power on the weapons and sends them flying at him.[16]In the ring, the C-Block is underway with an Elbaf giant named Hajrudin clearing out a good number of the contestants. Luffy, however, has gotten the crowd on his side with his antics and has teamed with theFighting Bull, whom he has named Ucy, to take down a few of the combatants. However they run right into Hajrudin's leg who attacks the two, seemingly flattening both of them. Luffy is unharmed due to his rubber body but the bull is knocked out. Angered, Luffy jumps up to Hajrudin and punches him in the face, knocking him out as the audience looks on in shock.[15]

In another section, Kelly Funk is mercilessly pounding an opponent, even though said opponent has lost consciousness. His brother, Bobby Funk, manages to stop him (though forgetting he was holding him in the first place). Kerry complaining that the man called him a "shrimp". Boo rushes the two and manages to knock down Kerry. He tries to do the same to Bobby but his axe surprisingly breaks on Bobby's body even though it was imbued with Haki. Kerry requests his brother to hurry up and "wear" him. A minute later, a odd and much bigger combination of the brothers pounds on Boo, knocking him out.[16]

As that goes on Jean has swiped Luffy's helmet who demands he give it back. Jean however states he heard a rumor that Straw Hat Luffy was in the tournament. Realizing this, Luffy wraps his cape around his head to conceal his identity. Don Chinjao suddenly rushes toward Luffy through the others, determined to kill him. The announcer states only forty people are left in the ring and all are extremely tough fighters, wondering who's going to win the C-Block.[16]

As the Funk Brothers finish trouncing Boo, one of the gladiators note that Kelly had suddenly turned himself into a jacket to which Bobby has put on over himself. Kelly cites it as the Jake Jake no Mi , a fruit that allows himself to turn into a jacket and, when put on, allows him to control the user. He notes that while Bobby has some significant strength he does not like to fight. So with Kelly's ability and his body, it allows the two to combine their strength.[17]

Sai approaches him, stating that Boo had slacked off during his training and that Sai's kenpo style requires him to ignore his emotion. Though Sai states he would never leave one of his men behind. He and Kerry clash where Sai manages to get around Kelly's attack and knock out the Funk Brothers with a axe kick to the head. Meanwhile Chinjao makes his way to Luffy wanting revenge for what Garp did to him in the past, stating that killing Garp would not be enough. He wants him to feel what he had lost which he intents to do by killing Luffy. With this, Jean confirms that "Lucy" is indeed Luffy and starts attacking him. Mentioning that his bounty hunting business had boomed thanks to Luffy's breakout from Impel Down which released dozens of criminals for him to hunt down. He intends to capture the rest of the "Jail Break Team" (Crocodile, Buggy, Ivankov, and Jinbe) along with Luffy and make a name for himself. However Luffy easily keeps dodging his projectiles to Jean's frustration, they do however end up hitting the approaching Chinjao. Chinjao is unfazed but headbutts Jean in anger, instantly knocking him out and out the ring. In the process, Luffy regains his helmet.[17]

In another corner of the arena, Sai and Ideo are duking it out, both evenly matched. Chinjao demands for Luffy to stop running and face him. Luffy agrees as he notes if he wants to win the tournament he has to fight him eventually. The two charge each other, knocking aside Ideo and Sai out of the ring along the way. Now the only two contestants left, the two form Haki on their arms and strike, sending a tremendous shockwave of Haoshoku Haki through the arena as everyone watches in awe.[17]

The Dwarves Make Their Move! Block C's Climax!EditEdit

Don Chinjao finds himself impressed by Luffy's Haki but chides him when Luffy reveals that he wishes to be the Pirate King, telling him many opponents lay ahead that have much stronger Haoshoku Haki. Chinjao gets further annoyed when Luffy tells him Rayleigh was the one who trained him, implying he knows him and questions Luffy about what Garp took from him. Luffy has no idea what he is talking about and becomes even more confused when Chinjao comically cries in the middle of their battle. Boo and Sai, watching from the water around the ring, notice that when Chinjao becomes intensely focused nothing can stop him.[18]

Meanwhile, Sanji and Kin'emon are watching the battle on a monitor outside the colosseum. However Sanji notices that a battalion of Marines have surrounded the amphitheater, so getting in will be difficult. The leader of the squad, Vice Admiral Bastille, notices that many of the gladiators who were defeated have not exited the colosseum. He likewise notes they have not heard from Maynard in a while and begins to wonder if something happened to him. Meanwhile Franky and the soldier, the latter explains that when Doflamingo became king, he put two strict laws in Dressrosa.

The first law is that no one be allowed outside past midnight. The humans go to their homes, the toys to their toy houses. That second law was that toys and humans likewise are not allowed to enter the other's home. When Franky asks how the toys could be so human-like, we gets his answer when the pair witness a toy pleading with a woman, stating that he is her boyfriend. However she screams yelling that the toy has the "human sickness". The toy is knocked away by the woman's boyfriend before guards seize it and drag the toy away, all the while it keeps yelling that it is human before being thrown into a building marked "Scrap".[18]

The solider provides further example by calling over a toy dog who was playing with a woman and her child. The toy claims that the two are his wife and son, but when the solider asks the mother if she had a husband and the son if he had a father, they both assert they do not have either. With this the solider tells Franky that all the toys were once human but thanks to a Devil Fruit user that came with Doflamingo when he took over the island, those that were turned into toys are suddenly forgotten by their loved ones. The two soon reach Flower Field where the solider promises he will explain the problem in more detail.[18]

Back on Green Bit, Law is barely avoiding Issho's powerful attacks. He tries to contact Nami, but finds she is not responding. In the Tontatta Kingdom, the dwarves are preparing to head out. Usopp inquires about where they are raiding, which turns out to be a factory which Robin and Ussop deduce is where the SMILES are being manufactured. Leo also mentions they plan to rescue the princess of their tribe, Manshelly, in the process. The group soon get a report that the Donquixote Family is on the move, thus the dwarves prepare to head out as well toward the factory, which is underneath the colosseum.[18]

The Tontatta army mobilizes, during which time Leo explains that there is a passageway underground they will take to get to Dressrosa. The captains of the army, Kabu and Bian, meet up with with the group and give Usopp and Robin transportation via linear foxes and everyone moves out. As they do, Gancho appears in Robin's cleavage and tells her and Usopp that the feud with Doflamingo is not recent, but has been going on for 900 years.[19]

Meanwhile in the Flower Fields and a secret base within it, Franky and the toy soldier have arrived where more Tontattas, labeled the Anti-Dolflamingo Force, are stationed. Zoro is there as well watching Luffy and Chinjao's match. A recon squad comes in and reports that the Donquixote Family is moving out and that "Usoland" has come to join their battle along with the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates. Franky and Zoro realize it is one of Usopp's lies and go with it, introducing themselves to the group. However Zoro suddenly realizes he is supposed to be heading back to the ship to help Nami's group.[19]

At that time, Nami's group continues to battle Jora, both to restore their forms and to protect Momonosuke. They managed to defeat Jora's squad and sink her sub, but Jora uses her powers on their weapons, rendering them useless. Even Chopper's Points were disabled. In the midst of the fight they get a call from Law telling them to bring the ship to Green Bit so he can hand Caesar off to them, but he gets cut off before he can say anymore. On Green Bit, Law finds himself cornered by Doflamingo who orders him to give up Caesar's heart and brags that Luffy took the bait for his trap and will not make it out of the colosseum alive.[19]

Chinjao is wounded but gets right back on his feet, mocking Luffy that he is no better then any rookie pirate who has a bit of power even insultingAce which visibly angers Luffy. Luffy uses his rocket move off of Chinjao's head to take to the sky. Chinjao prepares for the final attack, at the same time reminiscing what happened 30 years ago. He was leading hisHappou Navy troops to a frozen region where the treasure was buried under extremely hard ice that made it impossible to dig or burn through. Chinjao, at the time having a much more pointed head, however could use his headbutt to crack the ice allowing them to get to the treasure.[20]Back on Dressrosa, Sanji and Kin'emon are still outside the colosseum watching the fight. Inside, Burgess comes over to Cavendish andBartolomeo to watch the match wondering who "Lucy" is. And in the arena itself, Luffy lands a hit on Chinjao with Hawk Rifle.[19]

However one day he encountered a young Garp and the two fought, Garp managed to defeat Chinjao and reshape his head into it is current state. Chinjao's crew retreated and Chinjao himself recovered, however he could no longer crack the ice anymore in his current state, which broke his will as a pirate. He swore revenge on Garp and his family for depriving him of his treasure.[20]Back in the present, Chinjao prepares his final move and jumps toward Luffy who his activated his Gear Third ability and infused Armament Haki over his fist. The two clash with with Luffy's move coming out the victor. Not only that but Chinjao's head reshapes itself back to its former state in the process. Chinjao's body land in the center of the ring head first, splitting it clean in half. This causes him to fall into the ocean which counts as an out of bounds. Luffy is declared the victor of the C-Block.[20]

Naturally Cavendish expresses his resentment at the admiration Luffy is getting and vows to kill him but Bartolomeo reminds him Luffy is his prey. As they talk, Bellamy overhears them from the shadows. Burgess likewise hears the name "Straw Hat" and seemingly realizes who "Lucy" really is.[20]

The Dark History of Dressrosa: The Truth of the Donquixote FamilyEditEdit

Luffy, still battling Cavendish, hears Boo saying that his grandfather wants a word with him. Chinjao, wishing to express his gratitude to Luffy, bows his newly restored head, splitting the ground and giving Luffy the distraction needed to get away from everyone. Rebecca then guides Lucy (unaware it is Luffy) away to safety where they ran into Jesus Burgessconversing with Blackbeard via Den Den Mushi. Blackbeard reveals his intention of obtaining the Mera Mera no Mi where Luffy declared he will prevent him from do so before running off with Rebecca.[21]With the Stadium under repairs, Luffy goes inside to rest only to be immediately assaulted by Cavendish who still wanted him dead.Bartolomeo then overhears one of the fighters make fun of Luffy, enraging him so much that he attacked him and told him that Luffy will become Pirate King. Bartolomeo reveals that he was there in Loguetownwhen Luffy declared his dream to the world, inspiring Bartolomeo to travel to sea when he heard of the Straw Hats Pirates' exploits.[21]

Luffy realizes she is talking about the solider Franky and he met earlier when coming to the colosseum. Though confused that a toy solider could be alive, Rebecca explains that all the toys are like humans filling in for missing loved ones they do not have. Before she can go on further, it is announced that the ring has been fixed and the D-Block is set to begin. Rebecca heads off to fight though not before seeing Luffy eat the food that was knocked on the floor during their fight, claiming he did not want it to go to waste since she spent all her money on it. Rebecca requests to Luffy that they meet up in the finals and heads to the ring.[22]After treating Lucy to food, Rebecca shows Lucy the Gladiators Quarters where he can safely eat. After a while of chatting Luffy is grabbed from behind by the prisoners who shouted to Rebecca to do it now, which she complied by attempting to stab Lucy. Luffy swiftly escapes his bind and pins Rebecca down. The prisoners were relieved when Lucy demonstrates mercy and explained to Luffy that they, including Rebecca, are convicted gladiators who stood up to Donquixote Doflamingo and were punished to battle until they die. Rebecca then told Luffy that theThunder Soldier plans is to overthrow Doflamingo to release the prisoners but tearfully expresses her desire to protect him instead of him protecting her.[21]

Rebecca, still grieving for her mother, at first wanted nothing to do with him and headed back into town where Doflamingo had recently taken over the kingdom, promising to bring wealth to its people. The soldier followed after her, getting odd jobs for money in his search until he eventually found her being attacked by wolves. He fended them off and ever since the two have been together. They were given an old home to live in in the old parts of the kingdom and lived in peace for a time. Though not always in each other company due to Doflamingo's rules, the soldier promised to put a flower petal on her doorstep to assure her he was always near. However one day, bandits noticed Rebecca having no parents and planned to kidnap and sell her intoslavery.[22]As she does so she reminisces about her past. When she was little, she and her mother, Scarlett, lived alone in a cottage not far from the kingdom. However one faithful day the kingdom was suddenly set on fire and pirates started attacking the people. Scarlet and Rebecca fled toFlower Field to wait out the onslaught. But after two days, Scarlet realized they needed food and headed back into the kingdom to retrieve some. However it was the toy solider who had returned to Rebecca carrying her mother's body, stating he could not protect her, as Scarlett was honoring her last request to bring food to Rebecca. After evading the men that were after the solider, he vowed to protect Rebecca as the new king had ordered any blood relations of the old royalty be wiped out. To which Scarlet, and by extension, Rebecca, happened to be.[22]

The Soldier managed to rescue her albeit at the cost of gaining a bounty on his head. However the incident made the Soldier realize he could not protect her forever and told her he must train her in order for her to protect herself. Back in the present, Rebecca affirms her vow to protect the soldier that had stayed by her side for so long. But as she goes out into the ring, the crowd begins to boo and jeer her. Luffy, confused, angrily asks why they are doing so to which one of the prisoners state that she is the granddaughter of the original king who the people despise.[22]

As Rebecca continues to be jeered, Luffy cannot help but get angry stating it should not matter what her relatives did to deserve such hatred which the gladiators in the cell agree with. As those in the ring start plotting against Rebecca, Cavendish suddenly enters the ring on a white stallion. He chastises the crowd for their behavior toward Rebecca, defending her in the process much to the crowd and gladiator's astonishment. Despite this, the crowd start cheering for him much to Cavendish's happiness. With that, the D Block battle begins.[23]

Back at Flower Field, the Thunder Soldier rallies the Tontatta forces in preparation for attack, mentioning that their battle with the Donquixote Family started ten years ago. As he speaks however, Usopp silently plots to run away when it is convenient. Meanwhile in Arcadia, Zoro is trying to head back to the port with Wicca as his guide. As they make their way though town, Wicca states the dwarves know the names of the top agents of the Donquixote Family, as they had seen the invasion the day Doflamingo took over in which his crew easily decimated the Dressrosa army.[23]

Meanwhile on Green Bit, Law has been utterly defeated as Issho and Doflamingo stand over him, the latter having obtained Caesar's heart. As they wait for the Sunny to reach them, Doflamingo decides to tell Law a story. He reveals that eight hundred years ago, twenty kings from different countries met at the center of the world and created what would be known as the World Government. These people, whom were referred to as the creators, would go on to move their families to Mariejois, excluding the Nefertari Family, meaning only nineteen families moved there. The descendants of these creators are known as the Celestial Dragons. In their absence, new kings were elected in the kingdoms they left behind, forming new lineages. One of such was the Riku Royal Family of Dressrosa and the creator family who ruled before leaving for Mariejois were the Donquixote Family.[23]They soon run into Sanji and Kin'emon. When told of what is happening to the ship, Sanji instantly opts to go but Kin'emon suggests warning Luffy first. It is then that Violet shows herself to them and informs the group thatJora is taking the Thousand Sunny to Green Bit. On the Sunny, the ship is moving thanks to Brook's music and Jora's art. Brook has seemingly betrayed the others who have been turned into a mural which Jora calls "Dying Art". She explains it will kill them within ten minutes. The reason Brook is not trapped is that Jora happens to be a fan of his. Brook offers to play some music for her to wait out the time, but asks that his violin and"bow" be returned to normal. Jora complies and no sooner then she does, Brook distracts and defeats her, which saves the others and changes all of them back to normal.[23]

While Law dealt with Doflamingo, Sanji split up from Zoro and Kin'emon, wanting to get to the Sunny to protect Nami. Sanji gave Kin'emon the map to the Toy House, and the two swordsmen reach the Colosseum. They then argue on how they will get inside, seeing that the gate is closed. Meanwhile, Bartolomeo stood inside watching them, showing how big of a fan of Zoro he is.[24]

At the same time, Baby 5 sat in the Dressrosa Palace with Gladius, who belongs to the Pica Army. Gladius told Baby 5 how disappointed and angry he was about Violet's betrayal and ends up popping the top of his hat open revealing a mess of spiked hair.[24]

Sanji and Violet are riding a toy horse toward Green Bit to intercept the Thousand Sunny. Violet warned Sanji about the Marines that have arrived, and gives an explanation of her abilities, saying that she can see everything in a 4000 mile radius. Suddenly, Violet saw that the Thousand Sunny had been struck by lightning, shocking Sanji.[24]

On the Sunny, Jora is seen badly beaten by Momonosuke, Brook, Chopper and Nami. The group questions why Law would want them to retrieve Caesar. Jora then revealed to them that Doflamingo did not resign from the Shichibukai, and is still an active member, breaking his and Law's promise.[24]

On Green Bit, Doflamaingo stated that he is no longer a Tenryubito, but he does not have time to explain and takes Caesar's heart from Law, who reveals that he was just bluffing. The heart actually belonged to one of Issho's men, and Caesar's heart is somewhere hidden. Law uses Shambles to switch places with a small boulder, enraging Doflamingo as Law runs away. Doflamingo followed Law, just as the latter wanted. Law takes Caesar with him and flees to the bridge. Meanwhile, the Sunny team is being attacked by Fighting Fish. Doflamingo observes the ship, and goes for them, attempting to massacre them right in front of Law. Suddenly, Sanji appears sending a Diable Jambe kick into Doflamingo's leg. Doflamingo is surprised, but pleased that a strong opponent had finally arrived.[24]

Sanji and Doflamingo then begin to fight. Sanji sends a "Premier Hachi" at Doflamingo but the Shichibukai dodges it. Doflamingo shows off his string abilities, and cuts up Sanji with his "Five Colored Strings". Sanji is badly beaten, while Doflamingo goes for the Sunny team once again. Before he can reach them, Sanji comes back with a devastating "Spectre" which Doflamingo deflects, stating Sanji is not half bad. But, Doflamingo then stops Sanji mid kick using his strings. As Sanji is unable to move, Doflamingo creates a large whip and swings his arm back, preparing to strike Sanji. At the same time, Law creates a Room around Doflamingo and the Sunny, switching places with a log he threw in the air. He then switches places with Doflamingo. Doflamingo sends the whip strike out, but instead of hitting Sanji is sent to Dressrosa and cuts a building in half. Law and Sanji jump onto the ship. Law, who still has Caesar hostage, asks Sanji how the factory Destruction mission went. Sanji explains that the job is going to be harder than they thought. Law says they still need more time, and takes his heart out from inside the ship. Law tells Caesar he had Caesar's heart on his person and lets him have it.[25]

Meanwhile, on the battleship, the Marines are reporting to Issho about the hole in the ship, but he is busy eating. Doflamingo then makes it back to Green Bit in extraordinary time, sending another whip strike at the Sunny. Law blocks the attack, causing the strings to wrap around his sword. Law explains that Doflamingo has eaten the Ito Ito no Mi, and can generate strings from his body. He uses these strings to thread through the clouds and swing on them.[25]Law then tells the group they need to get to Zo right away. The Straw Hats are surprised, and say they cant leave without their captain. But, a flying battleship interupts the conversation, sending a canon blast to the ship, while meteors fall at the same time. The Straw Hats, scared, realize they will have to go. Sanji notices Law is focusing on Doflamingo too much, but Law ignores the cook and uses "Tact" to send the meteor into the battleship.[25]

The crew uses a Coup de Burst to escape Doflamingo's wrath as Doflamingo and Law face off on the bridge to Green Bit, while Law is also holding Jora hostage. Law explains that he only teamed up with the Straw Hats to stop the production of SMILE and bring Kaido's wrath on to Doflamingo, killing him. He then declares the alliance over, and tells Doflamingo that he will pay for what he did thirteen years ago.[25]

Doflamingo demands what Law plans to do with Jora, since his Family will do anything to help their captain. Law simply switch her with a rock and allows her to leave which she does quickly. Doflamingo states Law's grudge is just his pettiness of his past loss. But Law disagree claiming he plans to fulfill the dedication of a person he knew. Thus the two begin to clash on the bridge.[26]

Out at sea, Nami's group are trying to get back to Dressrosa while being on the lookout for Dolflamingo. Chopper is worried about Law while Sanji calls Ussop and finds out he is with Robin and Franky. Upon hanging up, he notices Momonosuke quite unnerved over something. Momonosuke tells him that he saw Doflamingo before when he had previously came to the island with his father and their friend. Witnessing Doflamingo cruelly torture a subordinate for performing, in his opinion, poorly in in the collisium. After which their friend,Kanjuro, suggested they flee the island. However in the process he was captured, prompting Momonosuke to worry about his safety. Sanji barely seems to be even listening as he thinks about Violet. A flashback showing that while they were riding on the horse, Violet had told him she had someone in the Government waiting for her to take her off the island and thanks Sanji for her help. He tried to get her to kiss him on the cheek but she saw the school of Fighting Fish attacking the Sunny in her visions to which Sanji had taken off to go help the others.[26]

Eventually more of the losers of the tournament are dumped into the pit and the group starts to wonder how to escape. Ricky is amazed that such a place exists underneath the kingdom. Tank realizes something about Ricky and asks if he is the former king of Dressrosa. Ricky, having no reason to hide his identity any longer, removes his helmet and confirms that he is indeed the former king, Riku Dold III. Tank weeps in happiness once this is revealed as he was a former solider within the Riku army, even having entered the tournament to keep a watch over Rebecca. Elizabello II is likewise happy to see him, stating that Riku used to help out his kingdom in time of need. However Sai, Boo and Chinjao are a less accommodating as they state that thanks to King Riku's actions, Dolflamingo rose to power and using his weapon trading to supply the enemies of the Kanokui Kingdom. It is also the reason why the Happou Navy are in Dressrosa, to find and cripple Dolflamingo's weapon supply. Daguma likewise starts to talk ill about Riku untill he is stopped by Tank. He tells him they do not know what really happened, but Riku stops him. Most of the gladiators also reveal that they are former members of his army. A few of the toys rise up from the pile and they, along with the former soldiers, bow to Riku to the shock of everyone else. Hack reports to someone on a Den Den Mushi.[27]Back in the present, Violet rides past a few people viewing the D-Block fight on a monitor. She shoots and destroys it with a pistol before asking the toy horse to take her back to the palace. At the coliseum, Bartolomeo has gotten the attention of Zoro and Kin'emon, he agrees to go tell Luffy that they are looking for him. In the ring, Rebecca is managing to hold her own by staying near the edge and knocking off the opponents who try to attack her. The announcer revealing that she has managed to win all her battles this way without causing any harm. However she soon faces downRolling Logan who sets his sights on her. Meanwhile inside the Colosseum's Underground Medical Room, Sai demands to know why his grandfather has not come out yet. The guards state that he left out an exit in the room which Sai comes to believe. He takes his turn to be treated, but once on the examination table the guards open a trapdoor underneath him, dropping him into a underground room filled with broken toys where those who've lost in the tournament have likewise been dumped. As the former contestants wonder what's going on, Chinjao vows he will hold a grudge against Dolflamingo for his actions.[26]

Back at the Flower Fields, Gancho explains the past of the Tontatta Kingdom. 900 years ago, the Tontattas had come to Dressrosa to find resources for their people. The former rulers, the Donquixote Family, had promised to help them. But in truth, they had enslaved them and forced them to make jewels and other materials away from the public eye. They're not sure what happened in most of that era as it is part of the Void Century, but eventually the Riku Family took over. Upon hearing the Tontattas' plight, the king pleaded for forgiveness and offered to help them. The kingdom flourished during those peaceful years, until Doflamingo overthrew the Riku Family and regained the kingdom for the Donquixote Family. The tribe is determined not to go back to those dark days and plans to fight with all they have. Robin then asks the soldier about Rebecca and why the people hate her. He reveals it was due to the actions of Riku who thought he was doing the best he could for the country, but the truth was hidden from the citizens. The soldier tried his best to protect her, but ultimately she was caught and thrown in the coliseum. Ussop then asks who he really is which the soldier states that he is Rebecca's father.[27]Suddenly a glob lowers onto Sai and snatches him into the ceiling. Before he knows it he is suddenly in a dark room where Trébol orders him to a factory. Sai finds himself suddenly turned into a toy monkey unable to control his body as he does as he is told. Meanwhile, Luffy continues to cheer for Rebecca but is having trouble viewing her. He goes to get a better look but as he does, he cannot help but wonder if there is something off about the country. The gladiators do not deny it, stating that due to Doflamingo's rule, he has hidden the true nature of the island from his inhabitants and that losers like them are just considered trash and hidden away. Luffy cannot help but notice that it is similar to his hometown of Goa Kingdom. The gladiators give him a warning to be careful. He takes off but is spotted by Bartolomeo, who screams in admiration upon finding him.[27]

As Rebecca continues battling against Rolling Logan in the Coliseum. The Soldier explains the Riku Family's past. Ten years ago, Dressrosa was one of the most peaceful kingdoms on the sea. Though they weren't a wealthy kingdom they've never had a war. However things changed when a woman, Monet, began working within the kingdom. One night, King Riku was sleeping when he was visited by Doflamingo himself who had come to take the kingdom back from him. However he offered to allow Riku to buy the kingdom if he could get the money before tomorrow night. The king gathered his men to discuss what to do. Ultimately deciding to ask the citizens give them the money. The people were obviously confused at the sudden request of the king. But when Riku went on a televised Den Den Mushi and personally begged them. They were more then willing to help. Tank even commenting that they would give it all back in the future. The troops managed to raise the money needed and headed back to the castle. However they were suddenly confronted by King Riku who started attacking his own forces and people, begging them to stay away. It's revealed that Doflamingo had taken control of his body with his power. He takes control of the rest of the Riku's troops and has them join in on the chaos to the bewilderment and confusion of the people. Doflamingo states it is all part of his plan to make Riku look bad before swooping in to become the "hero".[28]

Back in the present, Ussop surmises that Riku was put to death for his actions. But the soldier corrects him stating that thanks to Viola, whose power Doflamingo was interested in, Riku was spared in exchange for her servitude to the family going under the name "Violet". Most of the soldiers likewise sided with Doflamingo under Riku's orders. The solder once again reaffirms the loss of memories of loved one to the victims that have been turned into toys who likewise are slowly losing their identity. The only thing constant is their hatred of Doflamingo which they hope to use to overthrow him. Franky gets riled up from the story and agrees to help. To Ussop's chagrin, not made any better when Robin agrees with him. His worry isn't helped with the Tontatas reveal that they had planned to attack after heading the Straw Hats had landed on the island in lieu with Doflamingo's "resignation".[29]Back at the palace, the king's daughter, Viola, watches this on screen. Before she can act, she notices snow falling and realizes it's Monet. When she confronts her, Monet reveals her true allegiance and lets in the Donquixote Family who proceed to take over the place. Outside, the carnage continues with Riku powerless to stop himself, begging for someone to kill him. Eventually Doflamingo and his top lieutenants Trébol, Pica, and Diamante come "save" the remaining citizens from King Riku, gaining their favor and completing the takeover.[29]

Meanwhile in the underground scrap heap, only Riku and Chinjao are left though they don't seem to have any memory of the people that were once there. Even Chinjao seems to have forgotten he had grandkids. However Riku gets an odd feeling something like this had happened before. Both unaware that the former combatants have been turned into toys and forced to work in Doflamingo's factory against their will. Above ground, Luffy meets with Zoro and Kin'emon. Unbeknownst that Bellamy is about to attack him.[29]

Chaos Abounds: The Trigger That Sparks Dressrosa's Powder-kegEditEdit

Just as Bellamy prepares attack Luffy, thinking about what Diamante told him, Dellinger interrupts him. He mocks Bellamy, stating that he was ordered to kill him by Doflamingo whether he manages to assassinate Luffy or not, much to Bellamy's shock and anger. Back on the bridge, Law and Doflamingo continue to fight but Doflamingo clearly has the upper hand as he slowly pushes Law back toward Dressrosa. During this, Diamante has calls the Shichibukai to tell him of Violet's betrayal. Doflamingo takes it in stride and orders to have Lao Gguard the SMILES factory entrance while Diamante keeps watch over the colosseum. Doflamingo then mocks Law's efforts to overthrow him but Law states he believes "D bring another storm".[30]

Back at the colosseum, Luffy speaks with Zoro and Kin'emon which attracts the attention of the Marines. They tell Bastille of this who plans to wait so as not to alert the other criminals inside. However both his squad and he are suddenly having memory problems as they can't remember the rest of the contestants besides Chinjao. Meanwhile, Kin'emon connects Luffy to Sanji who in turn connects them to Franky's group. They all report on their status but Franky brings up how he wishes to help the dwarves and toys to overthrow Doflamingo. Luffy, remembering Rebecca's sorrow, agrees and gives his crew permission to go wild.[30]

As the Straw Hat Pirates yells out across the Den Den Mushi, questioning what the commotion is about, Doflamingo soothes the citizens, blaming Trafalgar for the "Abdication Incident" that occurred earlier that day. When Luffy angrily demands what the Shichibukai has done, Doflamingo states that it is none of his business. Zoro and Kin'emon then quickly charges at the 'Heavenly Yaksha', intending on rescuing their ally, with the samurai quickly informing everyone across the line of what has happened, when suddenly Issho intercepts Zoro. Using his 'gravity' the admiral pins down Zoro, however the swordsman manages to break free with a flying slash. At the same time, Kin'emon manages to reach Law, but before the samurai could recover him, Doflamingo kicks him back. Luffy tries to help his friends, but only then realizes that the bars in the windows of the colosseum are made of Kairoseki. The entire crew is then shocked to realize that the blind gambler was actually an admiral.[31]However at that point, Doflamingo and Law's battle has moved into the kingdom which catches everyone's attention. Law lands in front of the colosseum, laying defeated and bloodied on the ground. Doflamingo then promptly takes out a pistol and shoots Law at close range three times. Luffy, witnessing this, screams out for his ally.[30]

They hear the crew members aboard the Thousand Sunny panicking over the Den Den Mushi. They are now being pursued by the Big Mom Pirates, who are intent on sinking their ship and capturing Caesar, who had stolen research funds from Big Mom in the past. Nami explains that they need to head to Zo, for three reasons: firstly to keep Momonosukeand Caesar away from Doflamingo; secondly because if they lead theYonko's crew towards Dressrosa, the chaos will ruin the revolution; and lastly, to ensure that Law's sacrifice is not in vain, and to allow Franky, Robin and Usopp to carry out the plan and destroy the SMILE factory. Luffy approves of the plan to head to Zo and gives Sanji permission to fire back at Big Mom's ship. Franky's group prepares to head towards the SMILE factory, while Luffy (knowing that Law is still alive) plans to head to the palace with Zoro and Kin'emon in order to defeat Doflamingo and recover their ally.[31]Doflamingo and Issho float above their opponents using their abilities, taking Law with them, and head towards the palace. The Shichibukai promises to explain everything to the Admiral, who replies that he will reserve judgement until he has heard everything. The Marines start chasing Zoro and Kin'emon, and they tell Luffy that he needs to find an exit.[31]

Back in the colosseum, Dellinger's beating of Bellamy is stopped by Bartolomeo whose uses his barrier to keep him back. Bartolomeo reminds Dellinger of his orders from Diamante to go aid Lao G in protecting the factory. Dellinger begrudgingly goes to do so but warns them that the two won't get off Dressrosa alive. Bartolomeo goes to help Bellamy up but he refuses help, having realized that Doflamingo really did order him killed. Bartolomeo however tells him he consider him a friend despite having fought against each other earlier.[32]

Back with Franky's group, the Thunder Soldier explains the operation, dubbed "Dressrosa S.O.P", to the group. Telling the three Straw Hats that they plan to go into a tunnel they've dug into the Factory underneath the coliseum and destroy it. However he warns that they first have to deal with a devil fruit user, Sugar, who ate theHobi Hobi no Mi and can turn people into toys and take away the memories of that person from others in the process. However the soldier states he doesn't know what will happen to the island once the factory is destroyed and the toys are restored. Regardless, Usopp and Franky get the army ready for battle.[32]

At the colosseum, Luffy is trying to find his way out when he comes across Bartolomeo and Bellamy. The three talk with Bellamy agreeing to show Luffy a way out while stating his intention of staying true to Doflamingo. However Luffy notes if he leaves, Burgess could win Ace's devil fruit. Bartolomeo volunteers to win it for him but is suddenly interrupted by someone who knocks him aside, claiming he will win the devil fruit. When Luffy sees who it is, he suddenly starts crying and my friends that would be our damn awesome fucking Sabo!!!

Later Luffy is out of the building and Kin'emon, Zoro, and he are in animal costumes which help them slip past the marines who mistake them for toys. Though Zoro is confused why Luffy is crying. Meanwhile in another area, a young girl is sitting on some beaten guards in an alley. We find it's Koala now all grown up and part of the Revolutionary Army. She talks with the person Luffy met with earlier who likewise seems rather emotional from the meeting. The person, donned in Luffy's gladiator outfit states he will win the Devil Fruit. Back with the others, Zoro asks Luffy what's going on, but Luffy can only respond he thought the person he had met with was dead.[32]

Back with Franky's group, the Tontatta's proceed with their plan and make their way to the underground factory. However the passage leading there is too small for Franky to fit through, so he proceed to go in through one of the topside entrances, both to get in as well as buy time for the others to find Sugar and break her power. Once he arrives he finds Senor Pink already guarding the place. His subordinates quickly identify Franky as one of the Straw Hats. Franky unleashes a Coup De Vent at the group and proceeds to follow up the attack. This commotion is heard by Doflamingo and his generals. As Franky continues he doesn't notice Pink "swimming" through the ground toward him.[33].

Meanwhile underground, the Tontattas help move Usopp and Robin toward the factory. Usopp talks with the Thunder Soldier about the Doflamingo Family who explains that he has three Lieutenants who control a section of his army. There's the Trébol Army, a Special Powers team of which Sugar, Violet andJora are a part of. The Diamante Army whose specialty is fighting whose members include Lao G, Senor Pink, Machvise, and Dellinger. And the Pica Army, the commando unit comprised of GladiusBuffalo and Baby 5. He also mention Vergo and Monet who are Executive Officers but states they are away on business (unaware they were both killed at Punk Hazard). Eventually the group reaches the factory where they see the toys are being forced to work or be thrown into the "Junkyard" if they don't meet their quota. As they finally reach the destination, Usopp and Robin peek out and notice that the place is really a huge harbor.

Back at the collisum, the combatants continues fighting. Rebecca finds herself up against Suleiman "the Beheader", A Class A Criminal. He cites that his crimes were for the sake of his homeland and if Rebecca still loves hers despite all the jeers against her. Rebecca retorts that what she does is for being with the Thunder Soldier and attacks. In another part of the ring, Orlumbus, an adventurer, defeats the fighting lion dropping the number down to thirty contestants. Among which are Cavendish, Mummy and Damask. Back at the underground harbor, Usopp notices that the Thunder Solder isn't with them, to which the Tontattas state once they break Sugar's powers, he will attempt to assassinate Doflamingo in the confusion. They then show Usopp and Robin a layout of the area with Trebol and Sugar being kept in the tower in the center of the harbor. Suddenly two of the harbor's guards spot Usopp, mistaking him for one of the underground traders. Before they can question why he's there, the Tontattas quickly strip them and and knock them out, giving Usopp and Robin the guard's clothes so they can sneak around. With that Usopp orders the group to lead them to Sugar.

Meanwhile, between the royal palace, toy house, and harbor. The soldier tries to get into an elevator to reach the palace but finds guards using it on their way to help Senor Pink against Franky. He stowaway in a crate but realizing the lift will simply go back down to the harbor if he waits for them to get off. The solider attacks the guards, all the while thinking of Rebecca and the days he trained her in combat. He vows to return the island back to the Riku Family. Back in the Coliseum, all of the combatants have suddenly been knocked out in an instant, however through the smoke the announcer see someone stand up. Then it is revealed that he is a part of the Great Revolutionary Army and he vows to defeat Donquixote Doflamingo in order to get the fruit and then, the mysterious man opens his mask and a scarred man, (Sabo!!!!) uses his Color of Observation Haki for those who try to attack him. Doflamingo gets surprised that how could this scarred man be so strong and then decides to close the tournament and challenges Sabo to a fight that if he wins, he`ll win the fruit and if he loses then Doflamingo is going to crush it. Sabo accepts and the deal is spoken throughout the world via a one meter big microphone of Doflamingo. Luffy hearing it gets shocked and decides to go to the person and help him but Zoro stomps him and tells him that he`d be in a big trouble because Doflamingo would obliterate Luffy in a stage like thus.

Story ImpactEditEdit

  • Many characters make their first appearances after the time skip. The characters (in the order they were reintroduced) are: Jewelry BonneyBrannewSakazukiBellamyJesus Burgess[1]BastilleSabo, and Koala.
  • Someone named "Absa" is said to be behind the leaking of the fact that the KidHawkins, and On Air Pirates have formed an alliance, which is also confirmed to be after one of the Yonko.[1]
  • Law and Kin'emon both state that they want to go to a place called Zo. Law states that his crew is located there. Kin'emon reveals that he, Momonosuke, a samurai named Kanjuro and one other samurai were headed there but were shipwrecked on Dressrosa.[1]
  • The Marine Headquarters in the New World is shown.[1]
  • Buggy is confirmed to have joined the Shichibukai during the timeskip, having received a summons by bat in the Post-War Arc. His background with Roger and Shanks allows him to instill the fear needed to hold the position, and his crew of powerful escaped prisoners are kept in check. This was the same tactic used against Whitebeard during the war.[1]
  • A yet unnamed seventh Shichibukai is revealed to have been appointed.
  • Donquixote Doflamingo is revealed to have Portgas D. Ace's former Devil Fruit, the Mera Mera no Mi.[34]He is using it as the prize at the Corrida Colosseum to lure in Luffy.
  • The population of Dressrosa have their memories altered by unknown means, forgetting their missing loved ones, and the history behind the statue of Kyros in the Colosseum being a mystery to all the citizens.
  • Toys have been confirmed to have been once humans that lived together with the Dressrosa citizens but were turned into toys. The Dressrosa citizens that stayed humans do not remember anything about the toys being humans once.
  • A new race, the dwarves, are introduced. As the number of sentient Toys are victims of the Hobi Hobi no Mi, they are not strictly a new species. Although they appear to represent a large portion of the population they can not be classified as an entirely new race, as their current physical state is transitory.
  • Bellamy is revealed to be alive and has visited Skypiea, having somehow retrieved the golden pillar that was offered to the Straw Hats. He acknowledges Luffy's strength. He participates in the Colosseum under "recommendation" of the Donquixote family. His bounty has also been raised to [1]195,000,000.
  • A new admiral is introduced, Fujitora - a blind man named Issho, and another was mentioned: Ryokugyu.
  • The strongest Cipher Pol is introduced: CP-AIGIS0.
  • After confirming his alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates, Law has his title as Shichibukai revoked by Issho.
  • The Donquixote Family and Nefertari Family are two of the 20 royal families that founded the World Government. The Donquixote Family were also the original royal family of Dressrosa before moving toMariejois.
  • The colosseum combatants that lose are trapped in an underground dungeon and some of them are turned into toys.
  • Sabo is revealed to be alive and a member of the Revolutionary Army. He takes Luffy's place in the colosseum and fights as Lucy for the Mera Mera no Mi.
  • Koala makes her debut in the present storyline and is revealed to be a member of the revolutionaries, along with Sabo. She also is the first human introduced to know Fishman Karate.


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