Dread Island
  • Dread's marine base before the war
  • Dread island at night after the war
Japanese Name: 恐怖の島
English Name: Dread Island
Region: Frist half of Grand Line


Dread island is a fall type island on the first half of the Grand Line, It is a 9 day trip west from drum island and a two month trip from Little Garden coming from the north side. The island itself has 40 achers of forest surronding a marine base that is around the size of Rain base. Thousands of marines is station there and the Commander had once severed under Akainu himself having the same ideas as him.


Most if not all of Dread Island history is unknowning. However at one point in time the name of the island once was Forest Island due to the surronding forest and animal life that lived there. A marine base was built 60 years before Roger became pirate king. Most tend to stay away due to the strong amount of marines there.


Though the forest surrounds the marine base, there is one tall main building that has the more important marines/scientist as well as the commander. the area around the main base is housing/other sections that range from holding prisoners to the lower rank mess hall.


The buildings for the marine base is made from heavy stone and iron making breaking in or escaping really hard unless one is very strong. The towns buildings however are made from mud/stone mixed bricks and wood boards.


There is no known cultures about Dread island. It is safe to say they have gotten lost in history.


Dread island is known for it's strong/somwhat large marine base. It is one of the World Governments spots to keep pirates and others who case trouble at bay.


List the people who reside on the island, both current or past.


Dread island use to be called Forest island, However after Marines built a base there. Many pirates and rebellions dreaded having to stay there as many tended to get caught.

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