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Dr Julius Cascini
Training Appearance - Normal Appearance

Dr Julius Cascini

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Human Cyborg
Blood type: O Negative
Birthdate: 23 September
Height: 6 foot (182.88 cm)
Island of Origin:
Occupation: Pirate, Inventor, Mechanic
Epithet: "The Mad Scientist"
Crew: Star Hunter Pirates
Position: Fighter, Inventor, Mechanic
Family: Zordan (his Creation)
Current Bounty:Bsymbol

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Bsymbol
Dream: "To create the greatest invention ever."
Page created by: Kai-De-Avalon


Julius is a Genius Scientist and Inventor, whom over his career has created many weapons and technologies that revolutionised the world of science. His mind rivalled that of the genius Dr Vengapunk at the height of his fame, with his areas of specialism being weapons, robotics, cybernetics, data gathering and data collation. He was the fourth member to join the crew.

Julius modified himself into a Cyborg to further his research and is able to interface with both his computers and his android son Zordan.


Normal AppearanceEdit

Julius is a man of almost obsessive compulsive habit when it comes to his appearance and it is extremely rare that he will be seen in anything other than his plain guits and white lab coats. He is a middle aged man and his cybernetic augmentations are generally not visable, with the exception of the body control dial on his skull (which he modified to look like a screw due to his macarbe sense of humour).

Training AppearanceEdit

When training himself physically he will never wear any on his lab clothing and will usually go bare chested , at which time his many scars from accidents and surgeries can be see covering his whole body.

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