Dark Waters
Fear island
Japanese Name:
English Name:
Region: West Blue


The main points of Dark Waters Island is the Town of Fresh Stale that has a few good doctors. At the south side leading out of town is a forest with animals differ from some on a Grand Line Island. West from there is the City of Spring Waters that also acts like a High Town. Many Nobles like people live there though it is unknown if any World Government Nobles live there. At the edge of there is another forest also a mountain where Mountain bandits live.


Island's history. Explains any significant events.


Explain the layout of the land. This may also be a section to place notable locations, such as cities, shrines, forests, etc.


Explain the types of buildings or theme of the island.


Expain significant points about the island's culture.


Explain the type of government, be it Kingdom, despotism, Republic, etc. and any significant points.


List the people who reside on the island, both current or past.


List any trivia, such as...

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