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"God's Spawn"


Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip


Japanese Name: ???
Romanized Name: Damirai Yixeru
English Name: Damira Yixel

First Appearance:






Katsuyuki Konishi

Patrick Seitz

Affiliations: ???
Occupations: Freelance swordsman and an amazing singer.

Seven Swordsman

God's Spawn

Age: ? (debut)

? (after timeskip

Birthday: October 14
Height: 6'9"

650,000,000 Beli

Reason: Mass Murder of over 150,000,000 people.

strong points:
Devil Fruit

Kaze-Akuma: Tatsu Tatsu No Mi Model: Air Dragon

Tsuchi-Akuma: Kami Kami No Mi Model: Hades

Rai-Akuma: Neko Neko No Mi Model: Raibyo

Mizu-Akuma: Monster Monster Fruit Model: Charybdis

Hi-Akuma: Genso Genso No Mi Model: Hi-Genso


Damira has tattoos of swords on his arm. there are 18 of them. Whenever he gets a new sword, one turns black. Nobody knows why. Pre-time skip: Damira has long black hair and red eyes, he has raven black hair and always wears a lot of eye shadow. he usually wears a long hooded black jacket, and wears baggy black pants.

Post-time skip: Damira wears a black t-shirt and a cape, he also wears a cross around his neck for fashion reasons. Damira wears spiked dog chains around his hands, and thin black jeans. His hair is still raven black, but it is shorter.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Damira uses 8 swords. Even though he can use only 2 at a time. All of his swords are mythical zoans, except for Akuma which is a normal sword. Damira is also extremely fast, and is able to get out of tricky situations. For some reason he is extremely lucky.


  • Damira is attracted to Maria Godfry.
  • Damira, besides his appearance is an amazing singer.


He is hunting 18 blades, which he has 9 of.

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