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"Did you know I'm human?"

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Colton Belfaust (コルトン·ベルファウスト Koruton Berufausuto) is a young Pirate man, as well as a member of the Spiky Demon Pirates.


Colton Belfaust is a young man with a lean body and a very tall stature. He has black, messy hair and purple, small and keen eyes. One of the traits of his appearance that made him a bit of a victim of "mockery" is his long nose and creepy smile.

In terms of clothing, Colton is seen wearing the same kind of sets all the time. On his head, he wears a black gatsby hat. He also wears a buttoned high-collared black shirt and black pants. He has small, rectangular glasses, too. His favourite garment are his gloves, which were handmade. They are purple and yellow, with a star in the middle of them. He states that he would rather die to lose his gloves. His appearance, alongside his personality, reveal a rather flamboyant demeanour.

Colton's current wanted poster

Personality and RelationshipsEdit



Abilities and PowersEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Main article: Pēsu Pēsu no Mi

Colton's Devil Fruit is called Pēsu Pēsu no Mi, literally meaning "Pace-Pace Fruit" and, as the name suggests, manipulates the pace of things. Currently, his power is limited to controlling the pace or "speed of time" of a single nonhuman object. While it is very limited, Colton was able to literally "stretch" its utility.

With his skills for handicraft, he developed small bombs that explode in contact. The bomb has a complex composition. The outside is made out of a special fiber that stretches over time, which is why he uses his power to increase the bomb's size by fast fowarding the time of existence of the bomb. Inside the bomb, he also has a small gunpowder reserve which extends with the fiber that is used to increase the explosion depending on the size of the bomb.

One of the most useful and ingenious ways Colton used his Devil Fruit was by speeding up the bomb to hit the enemy, stopping its time in midair and hitting from another direction, repeatedly hitting the enemy from several directions.




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