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Chiroko (チロコ Chiroko) is a Monk and Bounty Hunter from West Blue.


Chiroko is a middle-aged man, on his late thirties. He is tall and well-built, with a very structured face, with accentuated bones. He is a bald man with dark eyes, and very thick eyebrows. He wears the standard attire of a monk. He usually keeps a calm face.

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Chiroko's signature skill: Tenpo.

Chiroko is considered the ultimate master of taijutsu (体術; Literally meaning "Body Techniques") in all the four oceans. It is said that he can beat one of the best swordsman in the world, as he developed several techniques that can overwhelm even a Shichibukai. He mastered Taijutsu, because he has only trained in that form and has therefore extreme capabilities with it. Chiriko is shown to be very fast, but his true speed never shown, because he can reach superhuman speeds with his ultimate technique. His speed and prowess surpass those of more experienced combatants, and it is only in unique circumstances that his taijutsu is not enough to defeat an opponent.

Chiroko's most unique features in his combat are the several techniques that he uses. To the combination of these attacks, he called Tenpo (天歩 Steps of Heaven).

  • Heavenly Dance (天舞 Tenbu), also known as the First Ceremony of the Steps of Heaven (天歩一式 Tenpo Shōshiki), is his most basic technique. He charges his palm with energy, hitting the enemy with great force. It's the base of every technique of his, as well as his signature taijutsu style.
  • Heavenly Wild Dance (天乱舞 Ten Ranbu): A stronger version of Heavenly Dance, where he also charges his legs and attacks simultaneously with both his legs and palms.

Tenpo Nishiki's Hand Layout

  • Second Ceremony of the Steps of Heaven: Thunder Tiger (天歩二式・雷虎 Tenpo Nishiki: Raiko): The second of the ten phases of his powerful combination of taijutsu; Chiroko charges a white-yellowish aura and then charges to the enemy. He quickly vanishes, and reappears behind the enemy, hitting him with the palm of his hand, fully charged with enemy. A slight tap can break one's spine. He then teleports once more, appearing in front of the target, bending his knees and hitting the chin of the opponent with his palm, normally breaking the bones. It is called "Thunder Tiger" because, when charging his aura to attack the enemy, the shape of a tiger is revealed.




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