Captain Kiba (大佐木場; Kiba Taisa), called "Kiba the Fanged"(キバ牙; Kiba kiba) was the marine Captain in control of Blue Rose Base. After his defeat to the hands of Swift, the Marines found him unworthy to hold the rank of Captain (大佐; Taisa) and demoted him to "Recruit" (新兵 Shinpei) to undergo retraining. It is unknown where he was sent, his replacement was Lieutenant Jiri.

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Devil Fruit Edit

Main Article: Gachi Gachi no Mi

Kiba ate the Gachi Gachi no Mi, a Paramecia Devil Fruit that allows him to transform the material in which his teeth are made of at will.

He reveals that it has both defensive and offensive skills, able to turn his teeth into metal, thus deflecting short-range projectiles and then into flint, mixed with alcohol, to breath fire as well as other abilities. He can also regrow teeth, and remove teeth/

History Edit

Kiba arrived on the Blue Rose Islands as a Seaman Recruit ten years before the series. The original commanding officer is never named. He promoted Kiba to Captain, a rank supposed just underneath him around five years before the series but was killed by Beans, a pirate, leaving Kiba in charge.

This event scarred him and eventually forced him to tighten security and turning the island into a heavily secured area, at the cost of everyone both loathing and fearing him. In the modern day, the World Government seems unaware of his increasing taxation, forcing citizens to tell local gossip to him, and even beating citizens under suspicion.

He is beaten by Swift during a regularatory inspection, but feigns defeat to Jiri to help him. The inspector sees Kiba as a failure and forces him to be sent back to an unknown location to be retrained and promoting Jiri to the commanding officer.

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