Calico Village
Japanese Name: キャラコ村
Romanized Name: Kyarako mura
English Name: Calico Village
First Appearance: A Fish in a Barrel
Region: Calico Island

Calico Village (キャラコ村; Kyarako-mura) is a large village located on the Blue Rose Islands, primarily Calico Island. It is the first island introduced in One Piece: One World and according to a map made by Chiyoko, it is located a few islands south of Reverse Mountain and The Calm Belt.

A prominent feature of this bustling village is Blue Rose Base in the background. There is also numerous colored roses, ranging from Red to grey to the more common Blue Rose. There is a bandit gang here, but it never interfered with the town until the defeat and transfer of Captain Kiba. The town appears to be very popular with trade and pirates as pirates drink for free if they bring a wanted poster of them. They are led by mayor Han Han.

History Edit


Citizens Edit

Calico Village
Kiba Jiri Han Untitled
Captain Kiba (Former) Lieutenant Jiri Han Han Chiyoko

Notable Places Edit


Trivia Edit


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