Personality and Relationships


Cabeza comes off as one of the mysterious members of the Banshee crew, he displays a calm, contemplative personality. He is a confident strategist and man to begin with. Beneath this composed exterior, however, he hides a considerable loathing for the Marines, believing them to be arrogant for hunting down and killing pirates just because the Marines consider them to be evil. However, he believes that pirates can do whatever they please without any consequences, making him seem hypocritical.

He also comes off as a bit of cold and apathetic to others besides his own crew and allies. Cobeza also seems to enjoy the supernatural, he also is seen constantly studying old books forms cults of the new world and trying his own ceremonies to see what would happen. He does also read the stars, he looks up and often states different things he sees. Such as death or another event that is to come. Most of his fortunes do come true, making him very arrogant and he seems to enjoy bragging about it.


Tyrant CrewEdit

Among the crew, he will fight right by them. Like many other members of the crew he is more than willing to do anything to get famous. He and Tensoba get along the best, the two can discuss stragety and events in order to get more members or such. Cobeza also gets along with Mudon, he thinks of her as a very capable leader and pirare. He isn't scare to order the other lesser members around either.

Kojiro UesugiEdit

Cobeza is very liked by Kojiro and he admires them the most. Because he had sided with the right crew, since it seems that the tyrant crew had survived without any of their members dieing. Unlike with the whitebeard pirates losing their captain and ace, the skyline losing rose. Which he feels are more of advanagte to them and thinks of those crews as nothing, since they hold such useless things into consideration.

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