Abilities and PowersEdit


Gobeza has average speed, he is able to keep up with the rest of his crew members. He can handle himself against the likes of lower ranking marines and with help he could take on a commodore or such. However he uses his bo staff, by spinning it at such a high speed he is able to glad across the field and gives him an advanagte.


He has average strength of a man his age, he can keep up with the other members. But he could be able to take on lower ranked Marine officers and higher ones with back up. His bo staff is said to be close to 10 pounds and he is able to manipulate it and hold it with ease.


Cabeza is a very good swordsman to combat with, he uses a style all his own. He uses slashes and stabs the most, he has shown his sword mastery against a commodore before. He was able to handle himself against the commodore and still kill him, with help from his third eye.

Body ModificationEdit

His body modifications is very simple he has created a third eye, if he takes his turban off it will be seen. The eye is like a camera remembering everything that Cabeza has been, done and many other things. He tells that he has remember all of the places the stars are in the different seasons of the year. He has shown to also fire an energy blast from his third eye as well.


Cabeza is very good with haki he is able to increase his own senses, durability and can be able to knock back opponents.

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