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Often many time prey always miss their chance to escape, it is because of the fear of the opponents. You see unlike yourself, I have no fears of these things. In order for one to understand all of the world around him. He must remove all useless emotions, happiness, sadness and many others. All that is left is a mind that is pure and is lengthened. It is simple as that, now tell me do you understand? Cabhahaha!
— Cabeza
Cabeza de Urdimbre (頭のワープ, Urdimbre de Cabeza) is the Navigator/Strategist of the Tyrant Pirates. Originally he was a consultant for the Marines, who had helped them with plans and other strategy for them to use.

He also offered his own services to the revolutionaries and many other organizations; however he found himself teaming up with the Tyrant pirates. Wanting to become famous, so when he allied themselves with the tyrant pirates . He gladly joined; he now has a bounty of Bsymbol10 25,000,000.

For such crimes as selling information on the black-market about the marines and even the Gorosei. He also is wanted for the murder of 3 different women and one child; he also is famous for stealing from a noble who wanted his help.

With the name The Third Eye (サードアイ, Sanban no Hitomi?), he is famous for his robotic third eye hidden under his turban. With this he sets out to become famous and someday start his own crew, but as for now his loyalties lay with the tyrant pirates.


Cabeza full

Current Appearance

Cabeza is a tall and thin man, with Olive skin and blue eyes. Originally when he was working with the marines and such, he wore a black robe that dragged on the floor. He wore a red haori off his swords and was seen smoking on a pipe, he walked with a cane. However he has long black hair kept in a potential but after he left he shaved his head.His main outfit consist of a pair of brown pants, over this he wears a long brown robes.

He wears a white cloak and scarf, he wears a white turban much like Hakushin. Underneath his head is shaved and he hides a third eye, which is really a cybernetic eye. He carries a bo staff with him and a sword under the folds of his robes. He also wears a pair of big hop earring, hanging down and stretching out his earlobes. He is also seen wearing many different rings on his fingers and a gold bracelet, with a chain on his other wrist.


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