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Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name:
First Appearance:
Affiliation: World Government
Occupations: Pirate Hunting
Leader:  ???
Like-minded people doing like-minded things.

 CPΣ, better known as CP Sigma or Cipher Pol Sigma, is a hidden branch of Cipher Pol. The unit is composed mostly from former Marines who had proven to be to bloodthirsty or violent in their missions, yet still were of use to the World Government. The unit is legally separate from the World Government, yet is usually sent on missions the World Government does not wish to tie its name too, or be connected with. These missions are usually black ops, such as assassinating important political figures of the Government's allies, should the situation arise. The organization serves as major antagnoists in One Blue, with one member often appearing at a time.



Sigma Symbol

The Sigmata


The Sigmata (シグマタ, Sigumata), an intential pun on their designation and the term stigmata, is a badge-like necklace all members of Sigma carry to help identify other members or use thier authority while on a mission or to root out imposters. After Knave Dhahaka stole one from Sabari and used it to bypass the World Government's guards at Mariejois, a remodeled design was released, but has not yet been seen, as it is required to be kept under greater secrey than the first.


Euthesia Mug Sabari Honoshin Mug
Euthesia Sabari Honoshin


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