Buddy King (バディ·キング; Badi·Kingu) is a pirate and musician from the Grand Line, as well as captain of the Pompadour Pirates. He is one of the eleven elite pirates known as the "Big Time Rookies"on the Sabaody Archipelago whose's bounty is over Bsymbol10100,000,000. He has the epithet "Rockabilly" and a bounty amounts to Bsymbol10178,000,000.

Appearance Edit

In terms of physical appearance, King is a scrawny, thin man. He also has a cleft chin and a well-sculpted nose. His blonde hair stands in a great quiff atop his head, and he has quite prominent side-burns.

King dons a white, 70's disco-style suit, with the front of the shirt left open to reveal a large amount of chest hair. The forearms of the suit are decorated with golden tassels, and King matches this with a thin red belt. he finishes his look with a pair of black dress shoes and dark, round sunglasses. He also carries around a large mircophone that, when the base is removed, doubles as a spear with a tipped bottom that has been proven to pierce stone.

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Abilities and Powers Edit

Devil FruitEdit

Main Article: Doro Doro no Mi (UH)


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History Edit

Before being a Big Time RookieEdit

King's history is not revealed a lot before Sabaody Archipelago. He does admit that he found the fruit aboard another pirates ship, which later is revealed to be Yonko, Monte Royal.

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