From what Lora could remember. She had been living in hell her whole life. Day after day she was experimented on. No one ever showed a ounce of love to her. Which she could never love the ones that made her what she is. She to them is their perfected weapon. Following their every order. Or so they thought. Even though she had never once stepped foot into the outside world. She did know more about it then they thought. And it was time she put her knowledge to the test. As two guards stepped into her room. She mentally roller her eyes. Both guards were wearing protective gear in case Lora wanted to cause trouble.

Lets go Weapon. The Doc has something extra special planned today. The first guard sneered.

Don’t try anything funny today brat. The doc won’t be happy if your brought in beat up again. The second guard sneered

Lora growled then smirked as the two guards swallowed. She thought it was funny that they was scared of a growl.

You two call yourselves Marines. But you jump at a growl? That’s just sad. Lora said smirking

The first guard punches Lora in the face. She then fell to the floor. The second guard brings out sea stone cuffs and cuffs her hands in back. She growls again as they host her up before dragging her out of the room. They drag her past several rooms. They finally stop at a door. The door is plain but Lora knew only pain awaits her in there. She tries to get away but they have a firm grip as one of them knocks on the door. A few minutes later the door opens and a man in a lap coat stands in the doorway.

Took you long enough. Beating her up I see. A man in a white lab coat said.

She started it Doc. We just. The second guard tried to say.

The man held up his hand. He did not want to hear anything they had to say. Both guards glared daggers at Lora as they drag her into the room. After they strip her down to her underwear the doctors come over. They put little strips all over her arms legs and chest. They then put a helmet that will show her brain waves. After hooking her up they inject 3 needles into her arm. Lora bites her lip. She really hates what the stuff from those needles do to her.

You know what to do. The Doctor said.

Lora knew what he wanted. But she didn’t understand why. Where was the surprise at that the guard talked about? She sighs and starts to run the course. They watch as her brain waves go off the charts at most times. Other times they show little activity. Lora kept on running. Her body burns like there’s no tomorrow. She wants to stop but she keeps pushing forward.

This is amazing. The first doctor says.

She will be the perfect weapon. After showing these marks. They will be proud. The second doctor says looking at the charts.

Lora comes to the part of the course where she has to fly. She doesn’t want to do so. However she feels a shock go through her body. She screams and then pants as the shock finally lets up. She glares at the doctor that is pushing the button. Another shock goes through her body.

Better start flying before you fry on the inside. The second doctor says with a smirk.

Lora bites her lip as another shock goes through her body. Her brain waves once again go off the charts as one black wing and one white wing form on her back. She then jumps in the air and starts to fly through the course that is hanging from the ceiling. Finally after hours of doing the course she is finally done. They removed the straps and the helmet. After that a guard puts sea stone cuffs back on her and leads her back to the room. She has no energy to fight and goes quietly. Three doctors follow after them. One is pushing a cart while the others write down notes. After the guard opens the door Lora walks in and is followed by the three doctors. Another guard comes in and before Lora could say anything they was strapping her to a bed. After they was done one of the doctors put a guard in her mouth so she wouldn’t bite her tongue. They then hook her up to four different IV’s that promised pain. All she could do was cry as the three doctors started to prick small needles into her arms legs and stomach areas.

Soon they was done and the guards and doctors left the room to watch in the other room. All Lora can do for the next hour is scream as the things from the IV’s go through her vains. After the first hour her throat is raw. After the second she doesn’t even try to scream. The doctors watching writes down everything. It seemed like it was forever before the pain started to go away. Lora somehow had not passed out from the pain. She didn’t hear them come in or them removing the IV’s from her arm. When they touched her is when she found out someone was in the room. Pain is all she felt as they took her back to her room and dumped her on her bed. They left not saying a word and it was forever until sleep finally took her. It would seem like she was losing the battle of dreaming. But even those with Broken dreams have some reason to keep fighting.

5 days later.

Lora is looking out the small window in her room. Her mind playing her plan over in her head. When they opened the door that was when she would run. Not going to let them get the best of her this time. She smirked as she hears the key turning in the lock. Her chance had come right on time. She slipped away from the window. The door opened and before the guard could enter Lora kicks him out of the way. Her kick was so strong it had knocked him out. She wasted no time as she ran. The alarms go off. Marines started to come from the different rooms. Lora wasted little time as she found the storage room and went in. She grabbed two black/silver bags and started to stuff clothes that looked like they would fit in one. After grabbing a few other things her mind was going a mile a minute as she thought of what she would do next. She heard footsteps going pass the room. For now she was safe. She changed her clothes. Out of the grown and into black pants and black shirt. She put both bags on and then grabbed another bag. That one was going to be for her escaping stuff.

Damn it we need to find her. If she does escape. A marine says.

She couldn’t have gotten far. Lets just find her before anything else happens. A second marine says.

The marines move away from the room and Lora sighs. She knows she’s going to have to work faster then she thought. It was a good thing she knew the layout of the base well. She moved quieter then a mouse to another room. This one had scientists in it. She cursed under her breath. However she didn’t stop, Lora went in and attacked them.

You what are are doing? What do you have planned you demon? The first Scientist said with a sneer.

Don’t think your going to get out of here. A second scientist said with a growl.

Lora only smirks as most of the scientists were shaking like a leaf. She had backed them into a corner before grabbing different tubes. They had different color liquids in them. The scientists started to wondering what was going on inside Lora’s mind. She was already thinking three steps ahead. She was grinning ear to ear. After grabbing all the tubes from the table and smirking at the scared scientist. She picked up a few other things from the desk that looked like they would come in handy later. After she was happy with her good hull. Lora picked up a broom that was next to the desk and ran at the scientists.

Today is the worst day of your lives. Lora all but screamed as she ran towards them.

She then starts to swing the broom left and right hitting each of the scientist. Each hit send a scientist flying. The hell she went through the pain. All of it seemed to fill her up as she was knocking them down like flies. Lora then spots something she all but forgot about. A necklace was laying on the desk right next to the corner. She moves over to the desk and picks the necklace up. It was a star shaped mood rock. It changed to black to match both her feelings and her outfit. A small smile appears on her lips as she puts it on before turning towards the Marines and guards that ran in. She then twirls the broom in her hand.

Sorry boys but this time I'm not gonna be caught. Lora said smirking.

Stop this at once or we will use force. One of the guards sneer.

End of the line. If you give yourself up the punishment won't be as bad. One of the marines say.

You can use all the force you want. I’m not Stopping NOT THIS TIME! Lora Says as she charges at them.

The marines and guards start to fire at Lora. She dodges the bullets/darts with ease. She brings out two of the tubes and throws it at the guards/marines. It seemed like the stuff in both of them does not mix will. As soon as they mixed with each other it caused a explosion. It sends the marines/guards flying back as it also sent Lora flying back a bit. However Lora stood back up and charged through the smoke using it to gain freedom.

I'm almost there. Almost to the world outside these walls of hell. Lora chants to herself as she runs.

She passes many marines/guards that had been knocked out by the smoke. Unlike Lora they have never been giving the mixture. Nor was they gassed with it. Even though Lora's body burned she was not about to waste her chance. Soon she ran out and once again another unit of marines /guards was standing in her way. It was the last step. She could see the outside doors. She says nothing as she pulls another tube out of the bag. This time the tube has blackish red liquid in it. Her grins grows bigger as she throws it. Just as she throws it her left arm gets hit by a dart, Lora curses as the tube flies at the marines/guards as she pulls the empty dart out of her arm.

I will get out and after i do I'll need to find a place till the effects wear off. This is my only chance if I get caught now I'm as good as dead. Lora chants to herself.

The tube lands however unlike before the explosion is twice as big blasting a hole in the wall. Lora lands on her feet a few feet away. She doesn't even think as she uses what energy she has to run into the sun she hasn't been in for ages. Once outside she is blinded by the light. Lora has to close her eyes cause the sunlight hurts them. After a few minutes of being outside she gets somewhat use to the sun. She is finally able to see somewhat and starts to run faster.

STOP HER AT ALL COST! The captain of the unit shouts.

Lora sees yet another unit of marines. This time they are different from the ones inside. She has no fear as they point all their weapons at her. She just grins while pulling out the last three tubes.

Sorry Losers but I'm not returning. Think of this as my goodbye gift for all the hell i went through. Lora says with a grin that would send most running for their lives.

BRING HER DOWN MEN!! FIRE!!! The captain of the unit shouts.

Ever weapons get fired from the different marines. Lora not wanting to die just yet dodges all she can. However four bullets hit while another dart hits as well. The dart hits her right leg as the a bullet hits her left shoulder right arm her left arm and upper right leg. Lora lets out a growl before throwing the three tubes at them as she keeps going. All the marines stop in their tracks as they watch as the tubes hit the ground. Two of them explode upon impact. While the other makes a smoke screen. It gives Lora enough time to run past the dazed Marines and into the forest. After the smoke clears the leader of the unit is pissed.

Damn it she is not about to escape. Get all the men who are not wounded and tell them to start searching for that GIRL. The Units captain shouts/sneers.

YES SIR! The Soldiers shout.

If she escapes this island. No we'll find her and make her regret every crossing us.The unit captain says.

The marines started to care for all the injured marines while a search party was formed.Mean while Lora made it to a small cave that was at the edge of the forest. She didn't stop running until she was deep enough into the cave. Once there she leaned against the cave wall her body gave in and made her fall onto the cave floor. She could feel the darts they used take more affect.

Just need to get away. Far away need to. Lora chants to herself, However Lora falls asleep before she could finish her thought. The affects from the darts finally won.

The search party starts to look for Lora all over. However since they don't seem to see the cave they pass it right up. After hours of searching and coming up empty they return empty handed to a very pissed of marine captain.

What do you mean you couldn't find her? The Marine Captain Sneers.

We looked everywhere sir. There was a few signs of her but they all lead to dead ends. The soldier reports.

The marine captain punches his desk scaring the poor soldier. He then looks at the men standing.

If that Girl escapes. It will be on your heads. Got it? The Marine Captain Growls as he glares at the soldier.

Y-yes Sir. The Soldier stutters.

Good then go find me that Girl. The Marine Captain says pounding his fist against the desk.

The soldiers run away from the captain to keep searching. The captain sighs and rubs his face trying to think of a way to trap the girl. Known simple traps will be useless against her. He knows if she gets away from the island it will only be a matter of time before she got payback.

There must be some way to get her back. How though. The Marine Captain mush to himself.

The next morning early dawn.

Lora is brought out of her sleep by a noise. She feels little pain as what happened the day before plays in her mind. She blots up thinking they had found her, however when she sees who helped her she somewhat pales. Standing in front of her are a bunch of animals. From small bunnies to foxes to even a huge bear. The other animals move out of the way as the Bear makes his way in front of Lora. Since Lora has never had any kind of contact with the outside world she tries to scoot back and bumps into the cave wall.

Relax young cub you are in no danger here. The Bear states as if he is the elder for the other animals.

Lora stops scooting back and wipes her head to look at the Bear. She blinks and then blinks again before getting a WTF look to her face. She doesn't think animals could talk. Well those times she heard birds talk however they was to far away for her to know what they was.

D-did you just... Talk? Lora manages to stutter out.

The bear was shocked as well as the other animals. Yes they had heard from the birds that flew above the marine base that they could hear screams. However they wasn't for sure if the screams came from the girl.

Well no cub i am talking in my native tongue. However it seems you understand me. The bear says somewhat awed.

Lora was confused by the bear talking. She couldn't understand how she could understand him.

H-how i mean why are y-you helping me w-what do you want? Lora once again stutters.

The animals could feel the fear and angry coming off of Lora. However they wasn't sure what it was from. Bear then sets a half of a coconut down in front of Lora. It has some greenish blue liquid in it.

Here drink this it looks like you could use it. It is water from deep within the cave. The bear states stepping back.

Lora eyed the coconut with the water in it. It seemed like she was fighting with herself wanting and not wating to drink it. Her thirst won over as she picks the coconut up and drinks it. When she drinks it all she sets the coconut down feeling a bit better. A fox cub then makes it's way over to her lap before crawling into a ball in her lap. The other animals grew worried about the fox cub decide to take a nap in Lora's lap. Lora however was trying to keep from moving while also wondering why a small animal put it's trust into her without any doubt she'd harm it. The cub's mama moves over towards Bear. Just like the other animals she also didn't want her cub in harms way.

Please don't hurt my baby. The Mama fox begged.

Lora looked up and all the animals could feel the confusing coming off her.

What's wrong cub? The Bear asked worried.

I well there's a weird feeling inside my chest. It feels really weird. Lora says confused.

I believe that is love or kindness. Maybe the young cub sees something in you that you do not see. The Bear states.

Lora was still confused as she she started to awkward pet the fox cub. The cub at first flinched due to Lora doing it a little hard. After a few minutes though the cub was moving into her touch. The Mama fox was a bit nervous when her baby flinched. However once she seen Lora try to keep from harming the cub she losened up a bit.

It seems like a bond is forming don't you like Mama fox? The bear says looking at Mama fox.

Mama fox looked between the bear and then Lora with her cub. After a few minutes she sighed in defect knowing the chances of splitting them apart were slim.

I think it might be a good idea to move to the deep cave spring. The bear says.

Lora swallowed at first before nodding and moving the cub off her lap. Once she got to her feet Lora the fox cub the Mama cub and Bear made their way to the spring deep within the cave.

Meanwhile it had been a good day since Lora escaped. All the marines were worried that she had escaped the island. Search party's had been coming back with little to none news. The Marine Captain was getting more pissed. How hard was it to track one girl? If only they had put a tracker into the girl it would've been so much easier.

Still no sign of her? The Marine captain said.

No sir, It seems like she just disappeared. A guard said.

I want her found. If breaking every bone in her body to keep her from escaping do so. Is that understood? The Marine Captain growls out.

Yes Sir. The guard says saluting.

The guard then walks away as the Marine Captain gets a very evil smile to his face. Most would wonder what was going on inside his mind.

Oh yes little weapon if you think you can hide from us your wrong. It's only a matter of time until your caught. Only this time nothing will keep you safe. The Marine Captain says bring his hands together as the sun broke through the clouds.

The marines and guards that was near or somewhat near shivered. All the traps were set in place as they waited for the girl. Only this time Lora wasn't going to go through the forest to gain freedom. Meanwhile deep inside the cave Lora the fox cup the mama cub and Bear had finally reached the cave spring. Lora was trying to keep her mouth from dropping. It was the most beautiful thing she ever seen. Which wasn't saying much since she never been outside the bases walls till now. There was a small water fall that went into the lake. The cave walls glowed a morning dawn from the water hitting the walls. Stones were also lined around the edge of the lake. It seemed like the stones were protecting the lake from unwanted visiters. The air was calming yet it also had another feeling. A sense of pride also filled the air. The lake itself was a sight to see. Inside the water you could see lots of gems under the water. All in different colors and sizes. Lora licked her lips.She was really thirsty from all the walking. However she didn't want to cause anything to happen with putting her hands in such clean water.

I don't think you will harm the water by getting a drink young cub. Bear said trying to keep from grinning.

Lora chews on her lip before walking over to the side of the lake. Once there she swallows the lump before putting both hands in the water and cupping them together before bring them out and drinking the water. After doing that a few more times Lora was finally happy. The fox cub that sat on Lora's lap earlier also took a drink from the lake. After it did the lake cub and Lora all started to glow.

W-WHAT'S GOING ON? Mama fox screamed panicking.

I do not know it will seem we will have to wait. Bear said wondering what was happening.

Mama fox was very worried. The cub wasn't as strong as it's brothers and sisters even though they are all a year old. Mama was worried that the runt was going to get hurt. As the three kept glowing a sound could be heard coming from deep inside the lake. At first it was soft however as the glow brightened the song began to get louder. Not enough for those with weak hearing to hear. However all the animals on the island knew something was up. The song was a sad but happy one of noises in the forest. By the time the light disappeared Lora was holding onto the cup who had had allot of changes. For one it looked more like a wolf then a fox. It also had angel wings on it's back. The fur was also a different color to match Lora's hair only it was a lighter blue. The mama cub almost fainted. The stories were true. Animals that bond with humans at the Lake of life changed to match the humans. Lora didn't change much expect all her wounds were healed and she looked ten times better then she did before. All in all it was quite a shock to Lora.

W-what was t-that? Lora managed to stutter out.

It seems that you two have bonded. Bear stated.

B-bonded? W-what do you mean like w-were f-friends or something? Lora stutter not understand what was going on.

In a since yes. It's has been said that the bonds made here are harder to break. Do not worry young cub the lake knows what it is doing. Bear said hoping to ease Lora’s fears.

The fox cub now fox wolf cub looked out from over Lora's arm.

Mama i feel different. The Cub says.

The mama fox looked over and somewhat smiled.

I know little one. How do you feel? Mama fox says somewhat worried still.

I feel stronger then before.Like i could fight off sicknesses. Cub says feeling proud.

That's good now it seems like we should move again though. Bear says feel a bit guilty for breaking a calming moment up.

Lora looked between the Bear Mama Fox and the new Fox wolf cub. All she wanted to do is get as far away from the island as she could. As if feeling her fears the fox wolf cub licked Lora's face where the dried tears were at.

Don't worry miss everything's going to be fine. Cub said hoping to help.

Lora doesn’t hear the cub as her legs gave out and she fell to the cave floor. Everything was to much for her as she cried her heart out. The cub lands in front of Lora and watches with sadness since there wasn't anything she could do.

Meanwhile back at the base. No one seemed to hear the noise that came from the lake. All in all they were still searching for their missing weapon. Another Marine had called and was told about everything. When the Captain found out he almost killed the soldier that reported what happened to the higher ups. Now however he was sitting waiting for the Marine Lieutenant that was on it's way.

Damn it that moron why did he have to report this. We could've handle the little mishap ourselves. However now the higher ups have called in someone. The Marine Captain sneers.

The captain then shoot a tree brach as the searches keep going. Back at the lake Lora had cried herself to sleep. Bear by then had picked Lora up.

It seems young cub has more burdens then most of her kind. We should move since the lake has done it's job. Bear states before carrying Lora.

Elder is it wise for cub to go with her? Mama fox asks worried.

I believe it will be good for both of them. There are more dangers however there is also a new life. We must not keep them from their fates. Bear states looking forward.

Mama I'll be fine. Guess what my name is. Cub says grinning.

Mama Fox looked at her cub. She couldn't help feel a bit sad to know her daughter was going on into the world. However she was also happy to have such a blessed child.

Hmmm is it Star? Mama fox guessed.

Mama how did you know? Cub now known as Star asked shocked.

Because little one. I am your mother after all. Mama fox says.

Star giggles as they made their way to the other side of the cave. Not many knew about the other entices to the cave. After a few hours of walking they had made their way closer to the entices of the cave that was at the beach. Lora awakens from the sea air. Her head somewhat hurt from crying so much. However there was a small puddle a few inches away. Bear sets Lora down and she drunk greedy from it.

How are you feeling young cub? Bear asks stepping back.

Lora finishes drinking the water and then washes her face before answering.

My head hurts a little from crying. Other then that I want to run out and get as far away as I can. Nothing against you guys anyway. Lora says looking down a little guilty for blurting that out.

It's alright as you can see we are at the beach so it will be safe for you both to get away. Bear said looking at the beach.

Both? Lora asks tilting her head a bit.

Yea I'm gonna go with you Miss. Oh and Mama found out about my name. Said it was cause she's my mommy or something. Anyways it's nice to meet you. I am Star the fox wolf. Star said while she somewhat jumped up and down in front of Lora.

Lora looked at the fox wolf and raised a eye brow. Though she wasn't against having someone coming with her. She didn't know if it was a good idea or not. However she sighed before she stood up.

Well if we're going we best leave before more idiots show up. I don't feel like flying and dealing with them at the same time. Since I also have to make sure no harm comes to you kid. Lora said standing up.

Star looks down feeling guilty of not being able to fight herself. However Mama fox licked Star's face before looking in her eyes.

I'm sure the day will come when you will be fighting side by side with Cub. However you need to grow into your gifts more. Do not be ashamed that you can't fight off hand. Things like that tend to come when the time needs it. Mama fox says hoping it will help.

Star sighed and then nodded her head. She knew mama was right about things like that. Lora was busy making sure everything was ready while scanning the beach for marines. Once she was happy she sighed.

Not to be rude but it's be best if we left before anyone caught wind of what we're doing. Lora says looking over.

Lora then made her wings appear.Unlike last time though they was a midnight blue. It seemed like the lake had changed her wings as well. Bear and Mama Fox was in a somewhat awe state. Lora only looked at her new wings and smiled a bit.

Midnight blue wings guess i could deal with them. Lora says feeling a bit better about her look.

Both Bear and Mama Fox snapped out of their awe state.

It seems like your both ready. Good luck Young cubs. Bear says looking at the pair.

Please take care of my daughter. Mama fox says.

Lora didn't look back as she made her way towards the cave exit. Once there she stopped and looked ahead.

I'll protect her even if it means death. Lora states serious even though she wasn't sure herself.

Mama Fox sighed wondering if Lora meant it. However neither got a chance to ask since both Lora and Star was running towards the sea. When they got 5 feet they both jumped in the air and gained air. Bear and Mama Fox watched them fly.

Young cub did mean she will do everything to protect your cub. Do not worry everything will be fine. Bear said looking at Mama fox.

Mama Fox didn't say anything as she watched her youngest and also the runt fly from the island. Just when everyone thought it was safe to breath a cannonball hit near where Star and Lora was flying. Cub! Elder whats going on? Mama Fox said in a panic.

It seems like the humans are trying to stop the cubs from leaving. Bear says as his eyes narrow.

Indeed a marine ship had spotted the two as they took to the sky. The marine Commodore seen then and told his men to stop the girl at all cost.

SHOOT THAT GIRL DOWN AT ALL COST! The Marine Commodore shouts.

YES SIR. The other marines shout.

Load the cannons fire at the weird animal flying with her. One of the marines say.

Yes Sir! A group of marines say while saluting.

The rest of the marines load the cannons again and point them at Star. Mama fox and Bear watch fear in their eyes. Lora sees what they are planing and doesn't even think. She flies over to where Star is mere seconds after the cannons are fired. Some of the cannonballs miss while others are a direct hit. None knows what happened as smoke is all everyone sees.

Cubs! Mama fox and Bear say worried about Lora and Star.

Miss? Star says confused.

After a few minutes the smoke cleared. When the marines Bear and Mama Fox seen Lora and Star some of the marines stepped back in fear. Lora only smirked as she sent a blackish purple orb towards the ship. The orb hits the back of the ship where two of the cannons are at and the cannons explode. Star flew beside Lora and looked at her.

Miss are you ok? Star asks worried.

Lora looked over at Star though she was hurting the water had kept her from getting the full blast. However she wasn't going to say that at the moment. Even though she didn't want to she knew she had a choose but to take the cub with her.

I'm fine listen fox we're gonna have to fly. Fast and far none stop. You think you can do it? Lora said with much seriousness as she could.

Star was a little upset with being called Fox. However she pushed it aside for now and nodded.

Yes Miss i c-can do that. Star stuttered.

Good get flying and i'll catch up. Lora states with a small nod.

Star wanted to disagree however the look Lora was giving her kept her quiet as she flew away. The marines was still firing however Lora made sure to keep the cannonballs from hitting Star.

W-what is cub doing? Mama fox asked confused at what Star was doing.

It seems like Cub is making sure your cub gets away. Bear stated about Lora.

Oh. Is all Mama fox said.

Star flew far enough away that no cannonballs would hit her. However she didn't fly away from the island. As she watched Lora dodge the attacks the marines sent she wonder if she had a chance to prove to Lora she was stronger. She then shook that thought out of her head. Seeing she would only be in Lora's way she just waited there.

Good luck Miss. Star says watching.

Lora was having the time of her life. Dodging the cannonballs and bullets while pissing them off. It sent shocks through her body that excited her. The Marine Commodore growled and knew Lora was taunting them.

I DON'T CARE IF YOU KILL HER!! SHOOT DOWN THAT D*MN DEMON!! The Marine Commodore sneer/shouted.

The other marines paled at the commodore's action. They did not want to be the ones getting it later if they failed.

Y-yes Sir!! The Marines stuttered out.

Lora smiled as she sent a blackish blue orb to the marine base. As it flew it picked up speed. A few noticed it and paled. It started to grow and got to the size of a cannonball. However the impact was going to be big.

S-sir the girl. A marine said while paling.

What is- Is all that came from the Marine Captain.

The captain then seen the cannonball shapped orb. It hit what was left of the base and caused a flower like cloud to reach the sky. The marines that was on the ship paled as Lora got a evil grin to her face.

It's been fun but I'm gonna go. Have fun losers. Lora states as she mock salutes.

Lora then sent a small orb at their ship to cause it to sink. The Commodore was cursing up a storm as Lora got away.

YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS YOU DEMON BRAT. The Commodore shouted from the water.

Lora ignored his warning as she flew to where Star was at. With a true smile on the pair flew away fron the island as the sun broke through the clouds. Mama Fox and Bear watched as the pair flew towards their next step. With faith or luck the two was sure that the two cubs could work through any hardship.

The End!

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