"A wolf in dog clothes." Nobody talking about Braxton.


Braxton is a lieutenant at the marines, and is 3rd in command of the Yatara branch. He is the tertiary antagonist of the Yatara chaos arc.


He is a somewhat handsome man, who wears normal clothes. He is also young.


He is a violent young man, who enjoys torturing pirates. He is very sadistic, wondering how to do it. He also dislikes weaker people telling him what to do, but like Brog because Brog is stronger then him. He has a somewhat flippant personality, laughing when Beta escaped him, calling him a slimy pirate.


Braxton is the 3rd in command of the Yatara branch, and is a highly accomplished torturer.

He is considered a prodigy child, who was stronger then many people who outranked him. He did state, he was weaker then Brog. He has a strange way of fighting, attacking people with tennis balls, which are able to crush steel or create dents. He was able to scare away Beta, but was somewhat impressed with his skills. He was able to dodge one of Fea's attacks, and he is able to push 2 tons of steel, but not without difficulty on both.

His racket tennis weighed 30 kg, with the tennis balls made of steel, weighing over 20 kg each. His final weapon, was his knife, which was the racket. It had a poison made from a scorpion that could kill even a sea king.

He was defeated by Fea though.


Braxton VS Beta (Beta escaped)

Braxton VS Fea (loss)

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