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"Did you know I'm human?"

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Blye Blueberry (ブライ・ブルーベリー Burai Burūberī) is a neon damselfish mermaid that left the kingdom of the Merfolk to pursue her life as a pirate. She is now affiliated with the Spiky Demon Pirates.


Blye is a beautiful and young mermaid. She is, like all other Merfolk, half-human and half-fish. She is an average-heighted mermaid, with big brown eyes and blue hair. She wears her hair in a ponytail, but the bangs that frame her face are kept as ringlet curls. To lock her hair, she wears a pin that resembles two bat wings. On her face, she has a small beauty mark below her left eye.

She is seen wearing, like the majority of mermaids, a bra. Hers is a magenta bra with a dark outline. She also wears small coral earrings and a ring on her right hand's middle finger, which are magenta too, completing a color set, along with the bra and hairpin.

Blye Blueberry is a neon damselfish mermaid, and, as the name indicates, her lower body is that of a neon damselfish's. It's a bright blue tail, with several small fins, and a very fine and almost invisible dorsal fin.

Blye's current wanted poster

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