Black Death also known as the silent killer is a poison that is often giving mixed with food. As the poison is tasteless. The victims realizes it to late that they had been poisoned. However some tend to put it on a knife or sword and attack that way. Only the strong will tend to survive this poison as it attacks the nerves and many body parts. There are five stages of problems the victim or victims go through before they either go into a coma state for two days and wake up. Or die from vast amount of pain in the short amount of time. The posion takes about 10 to 15 minutes to work through the body.

The first stage is loss of appetite pain in the lower stomach and minor loss of hearing.

The second stage is pain in the upper and lower stomach area, minor loss of eye sight and somewhat loss os sense of awareness.

The third stage is spazes/Seizures through out body major pain from the spazes/Seizures and loss of hearing.

The forth stage is blood coming from any unhealed wounds, Loss of sense of smell eye sight and sense of awareness, Pain in most parts of body. As well as skin changing to a darker color of black.

The last stage if the victim survived the first few are vast different from time to time as in the victim losses all sense and falls into a coma like state, The body will have stronger seizures as also will be dripping more blood.

There is no cure for this poison as the only way to survive it is having a strong enough will. There are other ways however many do not know about this poison so they are to late to save the victim/victims. Catching it early is key and if can giving strong shots of pain killer will dull the pain some but not enough. All many can do is wait and hope for the best when this poison is used.


The death toll of this poison is 62 pirates marines and villagers.

It takes about two and a half to three days for the poison to work through the five stages. Until the person wakes up it is unknwon if they will survive it.

The name behind this poison is due to it being the color black before being put in food/liquid, Or being put on a weapon.

Storm D. Lora has been the only victim to be poisoned and survive, However there might be others who also survived.

The Divider pirates have been known to use this poison to slowly kill their victims.

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