Black Chocolate is a piece of chocolate wrapped in a special wrapper to keep little children from eating it. The strenght of Black Chocolate is to put the person who eats it to sleep for up to 12 hours. However there is a down side when a person uses this on someone. If a person eats Black Chocolate to often he or she can get immune to it affects making it useless.

It is unknown what all the ingredients of Black Chocolate is. Though it is safe to say it has some sleep indunce in it as well as stuff to make it taste chocolatey. some tend to think it also has herbs that relax/calm a person.

A unknown company that allows anyone to buy it's items no martter who they are or why they want them. However unlike OB there is only so many a person can get at one time. No matter how much they are willing to pay. The biggest order giving out is 30 pieces of Black Chocolate. Also the person is only able to order it once ever two weeks.

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