Big Time Rookies is a term given by the marines to the new age Supernovas.

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Name Origin Affiliation Bounty Abilities, Weapons, and Powers Epithet
Jonathan D. Swift East Blue Captain of the Black Coat Pirates Bsymbol300,000,000 Hummingbird Swift (ハチドリの速い Hachidori no Hayai?)
Duwong Sano South Blue Captain of the Holy Ring Pirates Bsymbol290,000,000 "Trickster Monk" (トリックスターモンク "Torikkusutāmonku?)
Reddo Redi South Blue Captain and Sniper of the Red Pirates Bsymbol250,000,000 "The Bloody Maiden" (ブラッディ·メイデン "Buraddi · Meiden ?)
Iron-Jaw Sahil North Blue Captain of the Monkey Pirates, Former Bounty Hunter Bsymbol245,000,000 "Iron-Jaw" (鉄顎サヒール "Tetsu-Ago Sahīru?)
Miyuki North Blue Captain of the Ice Heart Pirates Bsymbol220,000,000 "Snowman" (雪だるまギヨームル·グラン "Yukidaruma Giyōmuru · Guran?)
Axe Grand Line Captain of the Metalhead Pirate Bsymbol198,000,000
  • Cyborg Abilities
  • Incredible Endurance
  • Incredible Strength
"69 Manpower" ("69マンパワー"アックス "69 Man pawā" Akkusu ?)
Buddy King Grand Line Captain and Musician of the Pompadour Pirates Bsymbol178,000,000

"Rockabilly" (ロカビリー "Rokabirī ?)

--- --- --- of the --- Bsymbol---
  • ---
"---" (--- ---?)
Kana Belleville West Blue Captain of the Drunk Pirates Bsymbol150,000,000 "The Drink" (かなドリンク "Kana Dorinku ?)
--- --- --- of the --- Bsymbol---
  • ---
"---" (--- "---?)
Boca Grand Line Captain of the Boca Pirates Bsymbol110,000,000 "Gong" ("法輪功"ボカ ""Hourin Kou " Boka?)

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