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Bake Bake no Mi, Model: Direwolf
Japanese Name: バケバケの実,モデル: 悲惨狼(ダイアウルフ)
Romanized Name: Bake Bake no Mi, Model: Direwolf
English Name: Monster-Monster Fruit, Model: Direwolf
Meaning: Monster; Direwolf
Usage Debut: Fanon
Type: Zoan
User: Mest

Bake Bake no Mi, Model: Direwolf (バケバケの実,モデル: 悲惨狼(ダイアウルフ) Bake Bake no Mi, Moderu: Daiaurufu?) is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, that was eaten by Mest. This Zoan fruit allows the user to take the humanoid form of a direwolf, somehow resembling a werewolf.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


This Devil Fruit, as a Zoan-type, allows the user to transform their body into another species, in this case, that of a direwolf. Mest suffers a change on his body, growing much more hair, increasing his size several times, growing horns and claws and gaining much more muscle mass.

A great advantage that comes from this fruit is the gain of strength and physical attributes. He boasts an improved strength, speed and durability in battle. Also, due to his new animal nature, he also gains the ability of communicating with other animals of the same species and boasts enhanced senses and reflexes, providing him with an arsenal of new advantages to use in-battle.


As of disadvantages and weaknesses, this Devil Fruit has the standard weaknesses and due to the sheer power of it, Mest falls asleep right after using it. The time he sleeps varies according to the period of time Mest activates the Devil Fruit's abilities and how intensily he utilized its powers.


  • Demon Whirlwind (鬼旋風 (デーモン・ワールウィンド) Dēmon Wārūindo?):
  • Demon Drop Kick (鬼下鎌 (デーモン・ドロップキック) Dēmon Doroppukikku?, Literally meaning "Demon Falling Scythe"):
  • Demon Arm Hammer (鬼天金槌 (デーモン・アームハンマー) Dēmon Āmuhanmā?, Literally meaning "Demon Heavenly Hammer"):
  • Demon Atomic Bomb (鬼原子爆弾 (デーモン・アトミックボム) Dēmon Atomikku Bomu?):
Demon Whirlwind
Demon Arm Hammer

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