Atticus Redstorm

250px-atticus redstorm mug

Age: 21 (Pre-Time skip)

23 (Post-Time skip)

Species: Devil fruit user
Blood type:unknown
Birthdate: July 6
Height: 6ft2
Island of Origin:Grandline

Epithet: "Heavy Metal"

Crew:The Heavy Metal pirates (Former) The Black Skull Pirates (Now)
Family:Coyote RedStorm (Deceased)
Current Bounty:330,000,000


Bounty History 1st Bounty: [2]unknown


Page created by:Inushima

Atticus RedStorm is the First Mate of The Black Skull Pirates He is known as " Heavy Metal"Atticus RedStorm he is considered the 2nd major threat in the Black Skull Pirates which is why the world government have given him a bounty of 330,000,000. He is a member of the new "11 Supernovas" rookie pirates with bountys over 100 million who have reached Saboady Archipelago before the War of Truth and The Purple Haired War. He consumed the Meta Meta no Mi a logia class devil that allows him to become,create and Manipulate Solid and Liquid Metal.


Atticus Redstorm Full


Atticus is a tall and muscular man with long, spiky black hair, red eyes (initially portrayed as green) with slitted dark pupils and no visible eyebrows. He has a black tattoo that is located on his left arm, just below his shoulder.Atticus's usual outfit consists of a shabby, black, sleeveless tunic with studded edges, with a Studded? around his waist, loose whitish pants tucked inside studded black boots, and a pair of studded? brown gloves? paired with similarly studded wristbands. He also sports a distinctive wing-like? ornament, seemingly made of feathers jutting upwards, over his right shoulder, attached to his tunic by a large stud.[2]


He is a Serious and Calm person who loves to fight he seems to be very strict often keeping his crew in line.He is completely and genuinely dedicated to His crew and will do anything to protect them . He also has a short temper, seen when he and Cha$e bicker constantly over childish things. Like most of the supern ovas, Atticus lives for the thrill of combat, and is visibly frustrated when faced with circumstances where he is denied the opportunity of fighting a skilled adversary as seen during the Alabasta Arc. Although he seems to have a Serious attitude he does have a great sense of humor. inside of battle he is very cocky he often cracks jokes about his enemies and braggs about his strength. He loves to eat he has an almost endless stomach it doesnt matter how much he eats it seems he never gets full.

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