The attack pirates are the main pirate crew in One piece legacy

Jolly RogerEdit

Attack pirates

Crew membersEdit

Crew strengthEdit

While small in numbers, they are incredibly powerful. Tack is able to defeat World famous marines and defeat Highly accomplished pirates as well. Fea has been able to defeat high ranking marines, and fight one on one with Brog. Zozo was also able to help defeat another high ranking marine. Malk is a world famous chef, with high skills in knifes, poison, and using his legs. Rangton is a world famous navigator, who has the Gū Gū no mi, and is a fighter able to take down the 2nd mate of the Riker pirates. The crew has been able to defeat even hundreds on hundred of highly trained marines with ease. They were able to defeat 3 of the Lotus king members with ease, despite them being highly skilled swordsman. They were able to even end with a draw with the Riker pirates, one of the most powerful pirate crews to ever come from the east blue.

They soon became even stronger, with Tack defeating multiple captains of the Black List Bounty Hunters, Fea being strong enough to defeat even one of them, and Zozo getting the greatest strength boost, being able to defeat someone three times as strong as Roroc. The Malk, Rangton, and Fea were able to battle captain class Bounty Hunters with one member being an elite one as well, who Tack has defeated twice. They were able to defeat the Black List Bounty Hunters so much, a world famous bounty hunter orginization, they were let go because of their power.


  • Tack wants to become king of the pirates.
  • Fea's is to kill Jarl and take his place as best swords user.
  • Zozo wants to know what one piece is.
  • Malk wants to cook the worlds greatest fish.
  • Rangton wants to travel the earth.
  • Takamario wants to have fun along with Ness.
  • Oak wants to know what friends are.
  • Christie wants to be a world famous Pirate Doctor.


Beta Pirates


  • Tack; The Chaos Child. His first bounty was 70 million, but his next one was 150 million.
  • Freya; The Silver blade. Her first bounty was 35 million, but her next bounty was 90 million.
  • Zozo; The Wild man Beast. His first bounty was 13 million, but his bounty was 39 million.
  • Malk; The scarred prisoner. His first bounty was 7 million, but his next bounty was 26 million.
  • Rangton; The slimy beast. His first bounty was 3 million, but his next bounty was 21 million.
  • Christie; The Death surgeon. Her bounty is 7 million.
  • Taka; The undersea Menance. His bounty is 10 million.
  • Ness; The earth crusher. His bounty is 10 million.
  • Oak; The seed of chaos. His bounty is 17 million.

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