Andromeda, also known as The Warrior Princess is a well known bounty hunter. She is one of the leader of the bounty hunter organization called, The Red Cross. She was introduced during the Great Pirate Games Arc, and occasionally makes a reoccurrence.


Andromeda is a very beautiful lady. She has sun orange skin and long black hair she's tied up into a bun. She wears roman gladiator armor and roman sandals with a steel sword strapped to her hip.


Andromeda has a superiority complex. She truly believes that she is the greatest at everything and will cut down those who don't think so. She refuses to take advice from those she deems weaker than her and is a firm believer that the strong should rule the weak.


Andromeda is an above average fighter. She has mastered several different fighting styles, whether it be hand to hand, or using a weapon. She is proficient in Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki.

She also has a pure focused state, where nothing but the battle matters. All unnecessary thoughts and background noise is deleted from her mind. She makes little to no mistakes in this state.