Aegis D. Crown
エイジス D. クラウン
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August 5, 1392
Gender Male
Affiliations House of Crown, Kingdom of Crown
Occupations King
Epithet "Iron Crown" (アイアンクラウン Aian Kuraun)
Devil Fruit
Tetsu Tetsu no Mi
Allows the user to create and transform into metal.

Aegis D. Crown (エイジス D. クラウン Eijisu Dī Kuraun) is the king of the Kingdom of Crown and the male protagonist of Sovereign. He is also the user of the Tetsu Tetsu no Mi.


Aegis is an average-sized young man with pale skin and short, black hair. He has white eyes, which is a genetic trait of the Crown Family.

Aegis wears a variety of clothes throughout the series. As king, he wears a white shirt and light vest, dark tie, and a black dress suit. He also wears a black cloak lined with white fur. Aside from that, he usually wears a dark-colored sweater and dark jeans, and sometimes a coat and scarf as well.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit


Devil FruitEdit

Aegis is the user of the Tetsu Tetsu no Mi (テツテツの実), a Logia-class Devil Fruit that allows him to create and transform into metal.


  • Iron Crown (アイアンクラウン Aian Kuraun): Aegis turns his forehead into iron and smashes it into his opponent. It is Aegis' signature technique, from which his epithet comes from.




Aegis (Αἰγίς) is a shield in Greek mythology, and is taken to mean "the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization" in modern context. In other words, Aegis is a person who will protect those important to him.

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