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2nd Generation Blackbeard Pirates
Blackbeard Pirates (2nd Gen)
Main Ship: The Void Runner
Captain: Nova Blade
Total Bounty: Bsymbol 000,000,000


The 2nd Generation Blackbeard Pirates are one of the strongest pirate crews in KDAU.

Division CommandersEdit

List the individual members of the crew here. What are their names? Their positions?


The 2nd Generation Blackbeard Pirates are structured into 9 Divisions.

Explain just how strong each crew member is, and how strong they are when compared to one another.


List the crew's individual bounties here.

Relationships amongst the CrewEdit

How does your crew get along? Who works the best with who? Who argues the most with the others? How do your crew members treat each other on a daily basis?


What are your crew members' hopes and dreams? What are their aspirations for the future? Their goals that they want to achieve?

Allies and Traveling CompanionsEdit

Who are the people that your crew has befriended along the way? Has anyone joined them on their adventure, but wasn't an official crew mate?


How did the crew start? What actions, adventures, and events came about as a result of the crew's journey throughout the world?

Locations visitedEdit

List the locations and places that your crew visited along their adventures.


Crimes/Events committed


Tell us fun facts about your crew.

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